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Kiron High School Girls 1925-9

The girls in this photo are students of Kiron High School in the latter half of the 1920's. What the event was to cause this presentation is unknown. The "white wigs" make it seem like a recreation of early America. One presumes the "black bloomers" represent males. Please help identify these persons. First "guesses" are:

L to R: Florence Gustafson(8); Fern Johnson(9); ? ?(Y); ? ?(Y); ? ?(Y); ? ?(Y); ? ?(Y); ? ?(Y);

Possibilities are: Arlene Ecklund, Doris Sandstrom, Berniece Larson, Ruth Cedergren of the class of 1928 and Cosette Bergren and Myrtle Johnson of the class of 1929.

What additions and corrections can be made?
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