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29 jan 2006
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 1968 Baptist Congregation

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This picture was taken for the 100th year celebration of the First (Swedish) Baptist Church of Kiron, Iowa in 1968. The setting is on the west side of the new church looking east. Pastor of the church is Rev. Freeburg. The picture is size constrained for this webpage and can easily be expanded to full size by using your browser controls.

Back row L to R: - Warren Lindberg, Lewellyn Larson, Harvey Johnson, Donald Masters Jr., John Winquist, Bueal Hedstrom, Dwight Winquist, Gerald Hedstrom, Warren Larson, John W. Larson, Herbert Turin Jr., Dwain Swensen, Dean Wilson, Forrest Mauritz, Hanford Ecklund, Larry Waldemar, Lloyd Segerstrom & Lane, Darrel Blume, Dwight Masters, Jim Moller, Donald Ullrich, Gordon Larson, Glen Ballantine, Andy Nelson, Jim Waldemar, Adelbert Sjogren, Kenneth Peterson, John Finstrom, Wesley Stehlik, Donald Swensen, Delmar mauritz, Sennis Gustafson, Keith Lundberg, Roger Larson, Howard Johnson, Stanley Swensen, John Peterson, Dennis Youngquist, Kyle Ullrich, Vernon Gustafson.

Foutth row L to R: - Richard Gilmore, Marian Benson, Roby Larson, Helen Mauritz, Martin Johnston, Donald Masters Sr., Howard larson, B. W. Frazier, Eugene Larson, Edward Olson, Waldo WInquist, Albin Malmquist, Enoch Ecklund, Paul Hedstrom, Joe Stehlik, Willard Gustafson, Vernal Gustafson, Bruce Skarin, John Stehlik, Clarence Waldemar, Oscar Finstrom, Wesley Nelson, Daniel Freeburg, Jerry Winquist, Rodney Lindberg, Arlan Ecklund, Dudley Ullrich, John Larson, Clayton Lindstrom, Arthur (Butch) Freeburg, Glenace Ecklund, Marsha Lundberg, Carol Peterson, Patti Gustafson, Glenda hedstrom, Pastor Art Freeburg.

Third row L to R: - Dawn Hedstrom, Gail Hedstrom, Nellie Olson Raash, Mary Lou Raash, Mrs. Keith Lundberg, Bessie Gilmore, Eleanora Schwanz Lindstrom, Cora Larson Johnston, Mrs. Donald Masters Sr., Lenora Benson Larson, Harriet Miller Quade, Lorraine Johnson, Esther Anderson Crook, Alice Larson Lindstrom, Edith Larson Lindstrom, Myrtle Johnson Larson, Joyce Crook Youngquist, Ferne Johnson Wilson, Marguerite Colbert Skarin, Florence Johnson Hedstrom, Maude Tellgren Larson, Nellie Peterson, Ruth Clauson Stehlik, Myrtle Turin, Myrtle Clauson Waldemar, Ruth Hedstrom Bergin, Lillian Clauson Stehlik, Lena Linquist Winquist, Myrtle Ecklund Finstrom, Margaret Pearson Weberg, Hazel Peterson Ecklund, Mabel Clauson Gustafson, Lila Clauson Gustafson, Elizabeth Lundell Larson, Harry Lindstrom, Jubel Hedstrom, Tom Masters, Raymond Larson, Bryan Weberg, Vernie Winquist, Jubel Winquist, Connie Ballantine, Debra Swensen, Anabel Lindberg Johnson, Patty Freeburg (Pastor's wife).

Second row L to R: - Wesley Lindstrom, DeLoris Turin, Lucille Larson, Gloris Sjogren Peterson, Mrs. Harvey Johnson & Dawn, Evelyn Hedstrom Moller, Velma Larson Winquist, Mrs. Keith Lundberg, Lois Segerstrom, Ruth Ann Lindberg, Irene McGee Lindberg, Mrs. Darrel Blume, Kathy Mauritz, Linda Johnson, Shirley Daley Hedstrom, Aldine Hollrah Winquist, Beverly Fries Winquist, Mrs. Dwight Masters, Audrey Weifenbach Larson, Virginia Johnson Nelson, Ramona Waldemar Ullrich, Delores Davis Hedstrom, Pearl Beaumont Larson, Nellie Moline Johnson, Frieda Anderberg Winquist, Sandy Bowman Waldemar & Todd, Pearl Winquist Youngquist, Minnie Lindblad Winquist, Wanda Holland Larson & Chad, John Gustafson, Irma Geissinger Gustafson & Bruce, Gloria Larson, Violet Finstrom & Mark, DeArliss Swanson Gustafson, Darlene Winquist Ecklund, Wilma Hedstrom, Elaine Larson, Conwell Larson, Elfrieda Feddersen Waldemar.

First row L to R: - Beverly Nelson, Julie Winquist, Denise Larson, Diane Johnson, Lori Waldemar, Tami Waldemar, Shelly Waldemar, ?Brett Moller?, Carmen Moller, Bonnie Finstrom, Deb Moller, Marilyn Gustafson, Melanie Gustafson, Brenda Moller, Colleen Winquist, Pam Gilmore, Jeff Ullrich, Norman Gustafson, Marc Gustafson, Lynn Segerstrom, Cherry Masters, Vicki Masters, Glee Hedstrom, Paul Hedstrom, Ruth Ann Hedstrom, Gwen Gustafson, John Freeburg, Dale Larson, Alan Gustafson, Keith Larson, Kevin Larson, Sue Finstrom, David Gilmore, Alan Hedstrom, David Winquist, Curt Larson, Kurt Lundberg, Gary Johnson, Clayton Larson, Darrel Larson, Allen Winquist, Dickie Gilmore, Chuck Ballantine, Steve Winquist, Stanley Mauritz, Chris Lundberg, Leslie Swensen.

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