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Baptist Senior Ladies Swedish Sunday School Class - abt 1913
The Swedish language was retained in certain parts of the Baptist Church services until the 1920's because of the large population of Swedish born immigrants.  The class was led by Carl Fredrick Clauson, himself an immigrant from Västrum parish in Sverige.  Those in this picture are:
1st Row: 1) Mrs. Martha (John) Erickson; 2) Mrs. Anna (Ingemar) Michaelson; 3) C.F. Clauson, teacher; 4) Mrs. Bengta (John) Sandberg; 5) Mrs. Sara (Carl) Larson(?)or(Mrs. Swan Johnson?) 6) Mrs. Johanna (Carl) Engberg.
2nd Row:  1) ????; 2) Mrs. Johanna (Peter) Johnston; 3) Mrs. Hannah (Nils) Miller; 4) Mrs. Hilda (Axel) Larson; 5) Mrs. Hannah (Ben) Benson; 6) Mrs. Josefina Minnie (Gust) Larson; 7) Mrs. Ida (Ed) Anderson.
3rd Row:  1) Mrs. Axel Peterson(?); 2) Mrs. Hilda (John) Turin; 3) ?; 4) Mrs. Minnie (Carl) Olson; 5) Mrs. Mathilda (Nils) Larson; 6) Mrs. Lottie (Alfred) Clauson; 7) Mrs. Anna (William) Clauson.
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