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25th Anniversary State Young People's Conference of
Free Mission Church - Held at Kiron, Iowa - August 1926

 This picture taken on the south lawn of the Ev. Free church reflects the importance that church activities held in the social structure of the community.  The Kiron Baptist and Evangelical Free churches frequently hosted events such as this.  Young people and their group sponsors would motor in from all parts of the state for a weekend of mental, spiritual, and social uplifting.  Those from the "cities" would get a chance to stay overnight at one of the host farmhouses and experience what it was like to get up with the chickens.

The above conference was directed by Ed Clauson, Kiron's most energetic man, who takes his place in this photo at the lower left.  Kiron 'faces' probably appear throughout the group (waiting to be identified - right click on picture or download for a larger image).  Berniece Clauson with glasses is 5th seated on ground from left.  Brother Lowell is halfway hidden behind man with dark jacket sitting in front.  Some faces that look like Turins are in the center and off to the right.   Ernest Gustafson can be identified standing to the right with the bowtie.  His sisters, Florence and Mayme, are seated between the two dark suited men below the right edge of the church building.  His brother, Willard, sits on the lawn below the grill on the church wall.

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