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1915 Evangelical Free Church Dedication

 This picture of the congregation was taken shortly after the new church was completed.  At the far right front is Ed Clauson, a member of the building committee.  Kneeling behind the second man in from Clauson is the pastor, Kiron's own Rev. Johnson, who was born on a farm in Stockholm township 30 at Johnsonville.  The man in the black hat and dark beard in front of the steps is Axel Lundberg, another member of the building committee and father-in-law to Clauson.  The seated man with the white beard is Kiron's centurion, Corporal Nicolaus Lindblad from Ingatorp, Sweden.  Left of him stands Olof Sandeen, another member of the building committee.  To the right of Lundberg, the rather large man standing next to the lady in white is August J. Linman of the building committee.

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