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1931 Baptist Sunday School

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This picture of the Kiron Baptist Sunday School was taken on the south lawn of the church and parsonage during the 'depression years'. Rev. Gordon Carlson was minister at the time. Ten years later, those youngsters in the front row would be asked to defend the nation. And they did so with pride and honor.

(This page is dedicated to Warren Larson who provided identifications for so many people. Also, thanks to Deloris Turin, Gloria Peterson, Velma Winquist, Marilyn Clauson and Lila Gustafson for further identifications. For a close in view, click on the photo. Be patient.)

Standing Back Row,l-r: Jubel Winquist, Elmer Mauritz, _?__ Bolling, Victor Youngquist, George Lindstrom, C.S. Johnson, Ed Olson, David Peterson, Lambert Bergin, Ed Johnson, Axel Skarin, Herbert Turin, Nels Larson, Enoch Ecklund(back), Adolf Samuelson, Alfred Clauson, Vernie Winquist, S.M. Sjogren, Edner Larson, Charles William Clauson, Oscar Johnson, Joe Engberg, Albin Malmquist, Alvin Winquist, Bert Lindstrom, Oscar Hillberg, Adelbert Sjogren, Robert Winquist, Clifford Larson, Ernest Anderson, Erick Johnson, Eugene Larson, Erik (Bert) Karlsson(Sweden), John Karlsson(Sweden), Waldo Winquist, Lowell Waldemar, Clarence Waldemar, Kenneth Johnson, Harry Lindstrom, Vernal Gustafson, Levi Plain , Ernest Gustafson, Melvin Miller , Willard Gustafson, Myron Miller , Guy Eckman.

Standing Row,l-r: Bessie Bruce Clauson, Dorothy Green Clauson, Myrtle Clauson Waldemar, Frieda Anderberg Winquist, Faye Larson Gottburg , Minnie Lundblad Winquist, Alice Miller, Adeline Johnson Gronau, Nellie Olson Raasch, Ruth Clauson Stehlik, Florence Gustafson Johnson, Rosemond Miller, Nettie Buller Miller, Enoch Miller, Harriet Miller Quade, C. R. Gibson, Elmer Carlberg, Elwood Larson, Edwin Turin, George Teaquist, Anna Lindberg Larson, Ida Clauson Anderson, __?_ Bolling , Pearl Beaument Larson, Mary Lind Olson, Ellen Ogren Lindstrom, Esther Anderson Crook, Florence Crook, Irene Lindberg Larson, Sadie Johnson Malmquist, Hazel Peterson Ecklund, Alma Hanson Ward, Ruth Larson Turin, Edna Hultander Johnson, Nina Peterson Moline, Amanda Johnson Mauritz, Effie Mauritz Skarin, Nellie Fleming LInd.

Seated Row,l-r: __?_ Olson, Myrtle Johnson Larson, girl Carolyn Larson Pearson, Edith Larson Lindstrom, Lillian Engberg, Lorraine Johnson, Ruth Larson, Doris Larson Frahm, Grace Moline Hundahl, Marian Turin Sonichsen, Lena Linquist Winquist, Mildred Winquist, Mary Garner, Phyliss Mauritz Smolich, Dorothy Johnson Mellin, Fern Johnson Wilson, Mabel Clauson Gustafson, Olga Peiper Canada, Elsie Lindbreg Carlberg, boy Lindy Carlberg, boy Conwell Lindstrom, Alice Larson Lindstrom, Pearl Winquist Youngquist, Amanda Lundberg Gustafson, Christina Lindberg Miller, Petronella Truvesdotter Winquist, Rev. Gordon Carlson, Mrs. Gordon Carlson, boy Dennis Carlson, Mathilda Swanson Larson, Minnie Larson Larson, Tilda Bergren Anderson, Nellie Nelson Lindstrom, Anna Naslund Clauson, Hannah Nilson Miller, Sigrid Olson Lindquist, Viola Johnson Salomonson, Anna Shaw Gibson, Lydia Turin Teaquist, Alta Bradshaw Anderson, Emily Moline Olson , Mabel Brandenburg Baker, Emma Miller Sjogren, Effie Erickson Johnson, Ida Miller Johnson.

Sitting on the Ground,l-r: Ruth Winquist, Julia Larson Eckman, Jane Crook, Vivian Lindstrom Person, Marilyn Malmquist Clauson, Laverne Turin Austin, Lois Jean Carlberg, Virginia Winquist Hunt, Marjorie Johnson Kollbaum, Betty Lindstrom Middleton , Joyce Larson Meyers, Dorothy Ecklund, Darlene Winquist Ecklund, Warren Larson, Leola Skarin Gress, Dolores Clauson Paulson, (back) Helen Ann Morten, Carmen Larson Radke, (back) Phenetta Johnson Umatum, Verda Lindberg Walker, Elaine Larson, (back) Betty Olson Bergman, Harris Youngquist, Elenora Winquist Otto, Dwight Winquist, (back) Delores Turin, Keynon Hammerstrom, Duane Anderson, Robert Ecklund, Norma Mauritz Richardson, (back) Hanford Ecklund, Carolyn Johnson Schultz, Margie Teaquist, (back) Julia Lindstrom Clauson, Lyle Teaquist, Leo Lindberg, Florence Winquist, Wendel Lindstrom, (back) Lila Clauson Gustafson, Lewellyn Larson, Margie Malmquist, Joyce Crook Youngquist, Renae Turin Ogren, Shirley Eckman Hard, Maxine Lind, Elmira Skarin Paulson, Velma Larson Winquist, Ruby Mauritz Lindskoog, Dale Lindberg, Lynel Baker, Wallace Clauson, Lloyd Baker, Darell D. Anderson, Darrell Moline, Dwayne Hammerstrom, Bruce Skarin, Lamont Skarin, John Winquist, Robert Olson, Everette Younquist.

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Revised: 25 Sept 2005