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Kiron Public School Students of 1923-4

 It looks like it could have been a rather cool late autumn or early winter day when the members of the student body and their teachers posed for the camera man on the south side of their new school building.  This picture was taken shortly after the new gym and auditorium addition had been added to the school building.  How many of these clean-cut, wholesome, all-American kids can you identify? (Click on picture for larger image.)
Current Guesses???
Back Row: Quinton Norelius,Ted Swanson,Harold Sjogren,Everett Ecklund,Sulivan Waldemar,Olaf Carlson,Harold Lindberg,Ernest Turin,Bayard Lundell,Alice Miller,Julia Lindstrom,Myrtle Johnson,Mabel Clauson,Florence Anderson,Ida Turin, , , teachers, ,Kenneth Johnson,Francis Cedergren,Carroll Larson,Newell Clauson,Ralph Clauson, ,

3rd Row: Frances Miller,Fern Johnson,Mabel Cedegren,LuElla Mauritz,Arlene Ecklund,Ellen Nelson,Berniece Johnson,Genevieve Paulson,Mildred Turin, ,Elva Barker, , , ,Cora Larson,Florence Gustafson,Doris Sandstrom, , , , ,Kermit Benson, , ,Lloyd Benson, ,

2nd Row:, , ,Harriet Miller, , , ,Fern Johnson, , ,Ruth Larson, ,Lenora Benson, , ,Stanley Clauson,Lowell Clauson, , , , ,Willard Gustafson,Marvin Sederberg

Front Row: , , , , , , , , , , , ,Adelbert Sjogren, , ,Dorothy Johnson, , , ,Mary Garner, , , , , , ,

Possibilities in descending class order(12 to 1):   Paul Cedergren, Berniece Larson, Ruth Cedergren, Cosette Bergren, Myrtle Johnson, Malinda Gronau, Elsie Koch, Lorraine Johnson, Adeline Johnson, Eleanor Sandstrom, Rosamond Miller, Wallace Bergren, Theodore Ecklund, Melvin Dozark, Harold Gronau, Wallace Larson, Lowell Bilsten, John Hoaglund, Jessie Nelson, Lowell Sederberg, Doris Larson, Dorothy Swanson, Roger Hospers, Lillian Johnson, Marian Peterson, Carl Neuman, William Hewitt, Stanley Clauson, Delbert Nordell, Willard Carlson, Ruth Winquist, Anna Schultz, Grace Moline, Doris Sederberg, Ruby Buller, Iola Wangler, Dolly Swanson, Faye Nelson, Phyllis Mauritz, Melvin Moline, DeWitt Miller, Doris Bloom, Lester Sandstrom, Eugene Hoaglund, Golden Danielson, Thomas Stricker, Albert Gronau, Raymond Gronau, Virginia Winquist, Vivian Lindstrom, Irma Neumann, Maxine Larson, Russell Sederberg, Wayne Swanson, Vincent Buller, Franklin Johnson, Mildred Winquist, Roy Sederberg, Luella Mae Skaren, Allen Ogren, MayDelle Sandstrom
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