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Men Who Built the First Garage

 Oscar Sederberg and William Bill Gronau built the first garage in Kiron in 1913.   This is the site where Leslie Larson operated the Kiron Auto Company for many years.   In the background left are the backs of the Tellgren Wagon and Harness Store and the slatted sided Lumber Yard buildings.  Helping with the construction are:  (help verify these identifications.)
    Standing behind the wall are:  Jimmy Leitch; (Dr. Garner? or Charlie Dolk? or Otto Larson?  or Bill N's grandpa?); Ed Clauson; Gust Sanders; C.E. Johnson; Maurice Sjogren; Rev. Irvin Johnson(brother-in-law to Gronau); Ole "Owl" Olson(whiskered man lived north of garage); (Sam Newcom? or Bob Hewitt? or Oscar Sederberg?); Robert Sjogren; and Emil Mauritz.
    Front Row:  (Andrew Nelson? or Andrew Dolk? or ?); (Swan Sandstrom? or Pete Johnston? or Hanson?); (banker Brasher? or Iverson? or ?); Pete Miller; William Gronau; and Samuel A. Newcom.

We thank Dr. Samuel R. Newcom for identifing his grandfather, Samuel A. Newcom, as the man standing at the right with left hand in pocket. 20020525


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