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Lena Abrahamson (1865-1934)

Lena Abrahamson was born on 9 Nov 1865 on a farm in Houston county in southeastern Minnesota. Her father was Abraham Anderson and it is interesting that his American born children followed the Swedish patronymic naming convention in this country. The parents had emigrated in the 1850's and as was common in those early years, settled in counties close to the Mississippi River. Lena married F.L.(Frank Leonard) Johnson and moved to the Kiron area. They lived on the Johnson farm in Stockholm section 30. Lena's kitchen became a US Post Office when the Johnson brothers established a place called Johnsonville at their intersection. F.L. died in 1926 and in her older years she moved in with her daughter Fern and husband Bill Gronau on the neighboring farm where Bill had built a very nice house. Bill died in 1932 and Lena and Ferne moved to Colorado to be with her son, the Rev. Irwin Johnson. Lena died there in Colorado in 1934. She was brought back to Kiron for funeral services and burial in the Kiron Cemetery.

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