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 1882 Old Kiron Blacksmith Shop

In 1880, three blacksmiths were doing their business in the Swedish community in Stockholm township. Olof Lindberg was down south at the Johnsonville corners. Oliver Johnson was operating a little to the north. Peter Buller had come from Boone county and set up a blacksmith shop in Old Kiron around 1879. P.A.Peterson didn't arrive until the late1880's and probably first setup down by Boyer before coming to Old Kiron around 1896. The Old Kiron identification of the picture probably makes this the Buller shop. The Buller shop was located on the west side of the Spirit Lake Airline across the road from the Swede Grocery Store.None of the three gentleman on this picture have been identified (as yet). Notice the "Terms Cash" sign on the door. It was a cash economy back then. No Kiron Bank had been organized. Barter probably didn't work well.

Photo furnished by Deanna Goslinga from the Paulson collection.