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Winter of 1936

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Everyone who lived in western Iowa in the 1940's and 1950's heard many stories about the Winter of 1936. Some of the stories almost seemed too exaggerated to believe. The snowstorms went on and on. The cold was brutal. The winds piled up drifts so high that even the train was covered. Auto travel went nowhere as all roads were blocked. Horse drawn sleds could go right across the fields and cross the fences on hard packed snow drifts. Coal was running low and people were freezing in their houses. Brave souls gathered together and with sweat labor, scooped out paths for travel on the streets, on the roads, and even on the railroad tracks.

In this collection, we are presenting some of the evidence that has been preserved to show what it was like to have lived through that winter. Most of these pictures come from the Ed Clauson collection.

  1. Snow In Town
  2. Snow Blocking House
  3. Snow Covered Car
  4. Snow Covered Truck
  5. Roof Top Snow Drift
  6. Snow Drifts in Town
  7. Snow Covered Corn Crib
  8. Road Snow Plow
  9. Road Snow Canyons
  10. Driveway Snow Canyon
  11. Road Shoveling Gang
  12. Coffee Break
  13. Train Snow Plow
  14. Stuck Train
  15. Shoveling Tracks
  16. Railroad Shovelers
  17. Inching The Rescue Train Forward
  18. Ready to Connect
  19. Free at Last
  20. Sidewalk Canyons
  21. It Started to Melt
  22. It Started to Flood 2a
  23. Water Everywhere 1
  24. Water Everywhere 1a
  25. Water Under the Bridge 2

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15 jan 2006