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 Crowds at Celebration July 4th, 1910

This picture looking east gives a good view of the buildings on the south side of Prairie Street.  The Chinberg building which housed the Strahn Brothers store is closest. The next building is the Reinking Saloon with the Reinking Butcher Shop barely visable next to it. Further down is Thunstons Harness and Leather shop.  The Mauritz hotel and another saloon were beyond Thunstons but were destroyed in the towns first fire in 1901.  In later years to make room for the Farmers Home Bank on the corner,  the butcher shop was removed, the Reinking Saloon was moved east to the butcher shop site and eventually became Jack Gordon's cafe.  The Strahn Brothers store was remodeled and the front entrance was changed from facing the corner to facing Prairie Street.  This building eventually housed  I. M. Canada's Drug store.