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 Cars on Prairie Street about 1909

 The view is looking east and shows the new buildings on the north side of Prairie Street.  The little whitish sign on the first building, Hanson Hardware, says "jewel paint".  The awning on the next building says "Ideal Meat Market" .  The next building is the Burrows building owned by Dr. Burrows.  The single story brick building is the first building of the Kiron State Bank originally called the Boyer Valley Banking Co.  Across the street, the next building is the Norelius and Nordell building. Norelius became sole owner in 1902.  The last visible building is Peter Miller had his restaurant.

The north part of the Norelius building and the Hanson building were moved in from Old Kiron in 1899.  We know that the first car in Kiron was owned by Ole Strahn in 1907.   Charley Sjogren, Oscar Sederberg,  and Charlie Bergin bought cars in 1909.  So, this picture was probably taken a short time later.