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 Early Threshing Scene

This is one of the oldest pictures found that shows what threshing was all about.  The wooden separator was powered by a rather large steam engine through a flat belt.  There at least 16 adults, 6 children, and a dog visible on this picture.

The farmer on the left appears to be leaving with a wagon of grain pulled by a team of horses.  The fly screen netting is visible on the horse harness.  Notice the wide rims on the wagon wheels.  Three men seem to support the steam engine.  The rest of the crew appear to be assigned to the job of pitching the grain bundles into the machine, or handling the separated grain, or back at the rear stacking straw.  Notice that the straw is elevated by canvas to the pile instead of the later method of using a straw blower.

Tops of farm buildings can be seen in the background behind the machine which may indicate that the grain bundles may have been previously brought in from the field.  Every person pictured is dressed with a coat which would indicate cool weather.  Since the trees appear to still have their leaves this scene probably occurred in the later half of September.