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Lundberg Family Visiting


 These are some of the children of the Lundberg sisters posing at a family get-together.  The Lundberg extended family eventually became quite large but because there was only one boy, the Lundberg surname is relatively unknown in the area.  Descendants carrying the names such as Turin, Larson, Teaquist, Gustafson, Johnson, and Clauson are still in the Kiron area. Some names of Axel and Mathilda's grand children in the picture are from left: Ernest Gustafson, (male Turin in front?), Lydia Turin, ( female in back? ), Willard Gustafson, Mayme Gustafson, Florence Gustafson(front), Mildred Turin(front), Ida Turin, Marian Turin, Myrtle Turin, Vernal Gustafson, Edwin Turin, ( female in back? ). Other Turin children were: Albin, Ellen, Ethel, Herbert and Ernest.

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