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     Banking at the Kiron State Bank - mid 30's

This picture shows the interior of the Kiron State Bank around 1937.  Chester Ogren on the right is adding some numbers on the adding machine.   Clarence Dahl who was bank manager for many years is in the center-back of the picture conducting some banking business with his customer, Ed Clauson (with the hat).  At the teller window in the foreground is cashier  William Wentsel who is helping his customer, Kermit Benson.  The Kiron State Bank was formed as the Boyer Valley Banking Company at the turn of the century and became the Kiron State Bank shortly thereafter.  The Bank was locally owned and attracted significant savings.  It was well managed and remained open during the nationwide financial crisis of the early 1930's.  There is still a bank on the same street corner location although in the last quarter of the 20th century its ownership and name changed a couple of times.  Today, the interior of the bank is completely different having undergone major remodeling back in the 60's.