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 Sunday Morning Transportation

 This photo is another of the old pictures found in Kiron.  It is easy to forget the process our grandparents went through when they prepared the family for the buggy ride to church on Sundays.  In this rather pleasant summer scene, one can see that 'dad' had to to get the team of horses ready too.   When they arrived at the church, they could hitch the team to the hitching rail or post.  Hopefully, it wasn't too hot for then they had to look for shade for their animals.  On the church ground were hitching barns where regular parishoners could 'rent' a stall so they could give their animals some shelter during the church service.  There also were 'livery barns' in town where they could place their team for short intervals. (Specific family is unidentified waiting for your identification.  Long shadows indicate that the team is probably heading east.)