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 Images of Kiron, Iowa

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Several photos have been brought forward that capture snapshots of life in the Kiron community since the first settlers arrived in 1867.  We even have a few that are from the "Old Kiron Era". We thank the Ed Clauson family for supplying many. Also, Gerri Nordell provided several nice ones. So did Deanna Goslinga with some very old ones. We will gladly accept more. If you have any, please share. Email me at

It has been an exciting detective adventure bringing those old photos back to life and putting them in context. Unfortunately, the identity of persons on some of these old photos is lost -- unless one of you readers can help us out. Please email your input.

The presentation is in chronological groups. When the details of a picture are uncertain, the placement in a group is best estimate.

Thank you. Enjoy.