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What is it like to live in Kiron Kountry?

It's a rural environment. Most folks spend a goodly amount of their time "Outdoors" where "Weather" is not just a curiosity item but is important element of their daily activities.

Farming is king - especially corn and soybean farming. Animal husbandry has decreased in importance as a family farm activity and is being replaced with an alien animal factory culture with its noticeable emphasis on producing profits for a non-resident population.

Hunting is enjoyed by many. The wild animals of the prairie are returning helped along with local increased conservation sensitivity. The deer population which was nearly extinct in the 1940's has reversed to where deer caused crop destruction is now a concern - not to mention the road kill. Pheasants have always seemed too tough to face extermination but they too faced difficult times as all types of weed sprays destroyed their habitat for awhile. Good soil conservation practices are helping bridge the gap between what's good for crops and what's not destructive to wildlife.

Fishing is also enjoyed with family farm water impoundments adding to the once popular river and lake fishing. County park pond construction has supported increasing local opportunities to 'drop a fishing line'.

The natural beauty of the prairie with all its various color, texture, variety in the plant life has been altered forever but its not extinct as nooks and crannies of how it was have been saved or are being restored.

This collection will feature scenes that hopefully will convey some idea of the challenges, the opportunities, the beauty and the 'fun' the folks of Kiron Kountry have experienced in their day to day lives.