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John Albert Lindberg and Anna Nelson


(John) Albert Lindberg was born in Hamilton County, Iowa in 1871. His parents, John and Martha (Petersdotter) had emigrated from Skog in Hälsingland in 1868. The Lindbergs along with several other emigrants from Hälsingland moved from "Swede Bend", Iowa to new farms just south of Wall Lake, Iowa around 1870.

Anna Nelson was born on the farm about 3 miles south of Kiron in 1870. Her parents were Petter Nelson and Maria Greta Claesdotter who had emigrated from Misterhult parish in Kalmar län in 1867. The Nelson's were with the first group of Swedes who bought land from the Providence Western Land Company in August of 1867.

The couple married about 1894 and lived on the Nelson family farm for a couple of years helping Anna's widowed mother and her youngest brother Isaac operate the farm. They moved to Omaha and adopted the infant Hilda A. Magnuson. In the early 20's the family moved to Fergus Falls, Minnesota where Albert worked as a house painter. Anna died there around 1935 and Albert in 1952.

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