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Carl Johan Larsson (1836-1907)

The following biography was published in the 1912 "History of Crawford County Volume II":

 One of the thrifty sons of Sweden who have assisted in the agricultural development of Crawford county is Otto J. Larson, a son of Carl J. and Lottie (Varnie) Larson, his natal day being the 24th of May 1880.  His parents emigrated from their native land in 1882 and on their arrival in the United States made their way directly westward, locating on a farm in Crawford county, Iowa.  The father passed away on the 18th of April 1908, but the mother still survives and makes her home in the village of Kiron.  They were the parents of eight children, all but one of whom are living, the order of their births being as follows: Minnie, the wife of Gust J. Larson, residing in Otter Creek township; Charles, who lives in South Dakota; Mary, who became the wife of John Hedstrom, of Sac county, Iowa; John, residing in South Dakota; Clara, deceased, the wife of John Engberg, of Kiron; Erick, a resident of Ida county; Otto J., the subject of this sketch; and Alfred, who lives in Kiron.
 Otto J. Larson was but a child of two years when the family came to the United States, so that practically his entire life has been spent in this country.  He obtained his education in the common schools of Crawford county and later the text-books gave way to the work of the field.  He first assisted his father in the cultivation of the home farm but is now engaged in farm-ing for himself.
  On the 18th of December, 1902, Mr. Larson was united in marriage to Miss Anna Lindberg, a daughter of Carl and Annie Lindberg.  Six children have been born of this union but only five are now living, the eldest having died in infancy.  The others are as follows: Howard, Cora, Edgar, Fay and Berniece.
 The family attend the services of the Baptist church, the parents holding membership in that denomination.  The Prohibi-tion party and its candidates are given the support of Mr. Larson as he is thoroughly in sympathy with its principles and policy.  He is not an office seeker but is a man possessing sufficient public spirit to feel that the demands of good citi-zenship require the casting of a ballot on election day and acts accordingly.  He is highly regarded in the community where he lives, the comrades of his boyhood having become the friends of his manhood.

Descendants of Carl Johan Larsson and Sara Charlotte Virén

1-Lars Jönsson (abt 1795-)
sp: Anna Jönsdotter (abt 1798-)
    2-Carl Johan (Charlie) Larson (15 May 1836-18 Apr 1907)
    sp: Sara Charlotte (Vareen) Virén (24 Apr 1843-16 Oct 1918)
        3-Josefina Wilhelmina Larson (13 Jan 1862-15 Apr 1940)
        sp: John Gust Larson (Dec 1863-1 Feb 1915)
            4-Edner Gillmor Larson (12 Aug 1891-15 May 1969)
            sp: Pearl R. Beaument (24 Jul 1897-1 Apr 1983)
                5-Velma Elayne Larson
                sp: Waldo Winquist
                    6-Colleen Ardith Winquist
                    sp: Scott Jones
                        7-Lindsey Erin Jones
                        7-Zachery Scott Jones
                        7-Creighton Alexander Jones
                        7-Madison Christine Jones
                    5-Warren Larson
            4-Clifford Leroy Larson (25 Aug 1893-25 Feb 1958)
            sp: Ethel Ruth Turin (1 Feb 1896-16 Mar 1939)
                5-Leroy Larson (8 Sep 1923-18 Sep 1923)
                5-Elaine Margery Larson
                5-Lewellyn Clayton Larson
                sp: Wanda Rozella Holland
                    6-Clayton Lewellyn Larson
                    sp: Kathy Lynne Miller
                        7-Danna Leigh Larson
                        7-David Allan Larson
                        7-Chelsea Ann Larson
                    6-Curtis Leroy Larson
                    sp: Kimberly Randall
                        7-Janice Larae Larson
                        7-Peter Lewellyn Larson
                        7-Michael Charles Larson
                        7-Thomas Daniel Larson
                    6-Conwell Lee Larson
                    sp: Sheryl Jahn
                        7-Ashley Amber Larson
                        7-Brittany Rose Larson
                    6-Chad Lyndon Larson
                5-Lucille Anabelle Larson (16 Dec 1929-13 Aug 1982)
                5-John Wesley Larson
                sp: Roby Lin Kenney
                    6-Bethany Lin Larson
                    sp: Patrick Duthie
                    6-John Wesley Larson
                    sp: Julie Lynn Brown
            4-Herbert L.(Private) Larson (24 Aug 1895-8 Aug 1918)
            4-Alice Larson (3 Nov 1897-6 Jun 1989)
            sp: Bert E. Lindstrom (13 Jul 1895-3 Jun 1966)
                5-Wendell Lindstrom
                sp: Miriam Lucile Bratt
                5-Conwell Lindstrom
                5-Infant Lindstrom (2 Aug 1936-2 Aug 1936)
                5-Genevieve Lindstrom
            4-Edith Larson (22 Apr 1900-20 Feb 1983)
            sp: Harry Milton Lindstrom (13 Jul 1895-30 Jun 1978)
                5-Beverly Lindstrom
                5-Larry Lindstrom
                5-Wellman Lindstrom
            4-Eugene Gust Larson (13 May 1902-4 Dec 1986)
            sp: Myrtle Jean Johnson
                5-Carolyn Larson
                sp: Walter V. Pearson
                5-Infant Larson (14 Jan 1931-14 Jan 1931)
                5-Gordon Larson
                sp: Audrey Weifenbach
                    6-Denise Larson
                    sp: Clinton Lynn
                    6-Darrell Larson
                    6-Dale Larson
                5-Roger C. Larson
                sp: Gloria Larson (18 Aug 1941-3 Mar 1994)
                    6-Kevin Curtis Larson
                    sp: Anita Jane Gustafson
                        7-Aaron Curtis Larson
                    6-Keith Larson
                    sp: Ginny Larson?
                        7-Austin Larson
                        7-Alexis Larson
            4-infant Larson (1905-1 Oct 1905)
        3-Charles Larson
        3-Matilda Maria Larson (6 Jun 1868-13 Nov 1936)
        sp: John Oliver Hedstrom (29 Jul 1854-23 Feb 1938)
            4-Mabel Hedstrom (1 Jan 1890-7 Jul 1967)
            sp: Frank Lindquist (19 Mar 1890-11 Nov 1959)
                5-Alleen Lindquist
                sp: Jeff E. Fraser
            4-Ethel Eldora Hedstrom (3 Feb 1892-2 Aug 1983)
            sp: Verne Howard Meleen (29 Apr 1884-11 Apr 1953)
            4-Paul E. Hedstrom (11 Dec 1893-26 Mar 1971)
            sp: Minnie Mathilda Tellgren (6 Feb 1893-3 Mar 1963)
                5-Wilma Joan Hedstrom
                sp: Wilbur Anderson
            4-Jubel Franklin Hedstrom (4 Apr 1896-31 Dec 1985)
            sp: Florence Mae Johnson (14 May 1903-31 Dec 1996)
                5-Gerald John Hedstrom
                sp: Gladys Jensen (10 Oct 1928-28 Mar 1965)
                    6-Glenda Joy Hedstrom
                    sp: Irv Larsen
                        7-Anne Catherine Larsen
                        7-Eric Franklin Larsen
                        7-Amy Joanne Larsen
                    6-Gail Jean Hedstrom
                    sp: Douglas Lacey
                        7-Benjamin Lacey
                        7-Jennifer Lacey
                        7-Jill Lacey
                    6-Glee Jean Hedstrom
                    sp: David Crippin
                        7-Alexander Crippin
                        7-Nicholas Crippin
                sp: Shirley Daley
                5-Evangeline Mae Hedstrom
                sp: William (Bill) Webster
                5-Bueal Hedstrom
                sp: Deloris Davis
                    6-Dawn Renee Hedstrom
                    sp: Rodney Lindberg
                        7-Shane Rodney Lindberg
                        7-Rory Everett Lindberg
                        sp: Carl Ulshafer
                    6-Alan James Hedstrom
                    sp: Carol (Hutchinson) Nelson
                        7-Dustin James Hedstrom
                        7-Thea Marie Hedstrom
                        7-Noah Alan Hedstrom
                    6-Paul Franklin Hedstrom
                    sp: Tracy Schmidt
                        7-Skylar Hedstrom
                        7-Austin Gerald Hedstrom
                        7-Lucas Hedstrom
                        7-Tanner Hedstrom
                    6-Ruth Ann Hedstrom
                5-Burdette Hedstrom (17 May 1931-20 Mar 1964)
                sp: Janice Ileen Stillson
                5-Maydelle Jane Hedstrom
                sp: Harvey Oslund
                    6-Jane Oslund
                    sp: Kevin Appler
                        7-Jordan Appler
                        7-Tori Appler
                        7-Trevor Appler
                    6-Dawson Oslund
                    sp: Jennifer Holt
                        7-Benjamin Scott Oslund
                        7-Nathaneal Scott Oslund
                    6-Joan Oslund
                    sp: Nathaneal Allen
                        7-Ashley Star Allen
                        7-Kristi Marie Allen
                        7-Dustin Ryan Allen (20 Dec 1994-9 May 1995)
                        7-Ryan Allen
                5-Evelyn Mary Hedstrom
                sp: James Moller
                    6-Debra Jaye Moller
                    sp: Brent Paul Lindgren
                        7-Cherity Anne Lindgren
                        7-Cassity Shae Lindgren
                        7-James Paul Lindgren
                    6-Brenda Kay Moller
                    sp: Richard Parkes
                        7-Candace Parkes
                        7-Jesse Ian Parkes
                    6-Carmen Moller
                    sp: Don Lockman
                        7-Alex Lee Lockman
                        7-Neil Lockman
                    6-Brett Edward Moller
                    sp: Julie Hartsel
                        7-Garrett Moller
            4-Ruth Elizabeth Hedstrom (23 Oct 1903-5 Nov 1988)
            sp: Everett Franklin Lindberg (28 Jun 1904-9 Jun 1931)
                5-Warren Lindberg
                sp: Irene McGee (19 Jan 1928-29 Aug 1984)
                    6-Ruth Ann Lindberg
                    sp: Dean William Wilson
                        7-Scott David Wilson
                        sp: Maggie ?
                        7-Trevor James Wilson
                        7-Nicole Renae Wilson
                    6-Rodney Lindberg
                    sp: Dawn Renee Hedstrom
                    sp: Carole Brodersen
                5-Laura Mae Lindberg (13 Aug 1927-13 Aug 1927)
                5-Annabel Lindberg
                sp: Howard William Johnson
                    6-Dennis Everett Johnson
                    sp: Faith Arlene Newhouse
                        7-Matthew Brent Johnson
                        7-Melissa Joy Johnson
                        7-Luke Tyler Johnson
                        7-Miranda Denise Johnson
                    6-Linda Cheryl Johnson
                    sp: Dean Michael Whaley
                        7-Michael Dean Whaley
                        7-John Andrew Whaley
                    6-Diane Sue Johnson
                    sp: Jay Gordon Yousling
                        7-? Yousling
                    6-John Gary Johnson
                    sp: Kimberly Ann Morrison
                        7-John Graham Johnson
                        7-Eric Daniel Johnson
                        7-Karl Andrew Johnson
            sp: Lambert Eddie Bergin (11 Mar 1897-8 Nov 1961)
        3-Johan Peter Larson (18 Jan 1871-20 Dec 1933)
        sp: Anna Idella (Della) Beck (27 Sep 1873-25 Jan 1964)
             4-Clarence Franklin Larson (28 Jan 1895-28 Sep 1974)
            sp: Alleda Eleanor Abbey (7 Nov 1909-11 Jul 1955)
                5-Marlys Jeannine Larson
                sp: Donald Carl John Schmidt
                     6-Kenneth John Schmidt
                    sp: Carla Sue Bolluyt
                        7-Stephanie Marie Schmidt
                        7-Steven John Schmidt
                        7-Sarah Jo Schmidt
                        7-Kendra Jane Schmidt
                    6-Mary Margaret Schmidt
                    sp: Larry Dean Reppe
                        7-Adam Dean Reppe
                        7-Brian Donald Reppe
                        sp: Nellie Montgomery Stanger (12 Jun 1886-30 Dec 1973)
            4-Eunice Rowena Julia Larson (14 Jun 1896-29 Apr 1978)
            sp: Carl Harold Rossbach (26 Oct 1896-5 Jul 1965)
                5-Betty Jane Harriet Rossbach
                sp: William Mark Flanders (1 Mar 1920-10 Nov 1978)
                    6-Van Ross Flanders
                    sp: Pamela Ann Eastwood
                        7-Michelle Ann Flanders
                        7-Mark Call Ross Flanders
                    6-Gary Leonard Flanders
                    sp: Denise Joy Quigley
                        7-Leon Russell Flanders
                        7-Michael William Flanders
                    6-Bonnie Jean Flanders
            4-Rolland William Larson (26 Jun 1898-21 Jan 1971)
            sp: Doris Cornelia Disbrow
                5-Bessie Lorraine Larson
                sp: Harold (Bud) Naene (30 Mar 1921-15 Sep 1983)
                    6-Harold (Buddy) Naene
                    6-Kathy Ann Naene
                    sp: Allen Newfield
                        7-Jeff Newfield
                        7-Rochelle Newfield
                5-Beverly June Larson
                sp: Clarence Jervick
                    6-David Clarence Jervick
                    sp: ? Jervick?
                        7-Shelly Renae Jervick
                    6-Debra Beverly Jervick
                    sp: Arvid Eugene Sommervold
                        7-Angela Dawn Sommervold
                        7-Susan Elizabeth Sommervold
                        7-Mark Arvid Sommervold
                    6-Donald Laurel Jervick
                    sp: Ruth Ann Mangan
                        7-Jennifer Rebecca Jervick
                        7-Jessica Ann Jervick
                    6-James Lawrence Jervick
                5-Rolland Eugene Larson
                sp: Claudia Jean Plummer
                    6-Cynthia Ann Larson
                    sp: Ruben Rede
                        7-Jason Rolland Rede
                        7-Timothy Jame Rede
                    6-Lance Rolland Larson
                    6-Tanya Jean Larson
                5-John Harold Larson
                sp: ? Larson?
                    6-Susan Diane Larson
                    6-John Daniel Larson
                    6-Lias Louise Larson
            4-Elmer Floyd Larson (9 Nov 1899-12 Jul 1923)
            4-Orrin Gilbert Larson (17 Aug 1901-11 Mar 1994)
            sp: Florence Elizabeth Finch
                5-Deloris Elaine Larson
                sp: Oliver Frederick Anderson
                    6-Lorna Dee Anderson
                    sp: Michael Arthur Peterson
                        7-Kristen Michelle Peterson
                        7-Brandon Michael Peterson
            4-Lloyd Orville Larson (6 Apr 1904-15 Sep 1942)
            sp: Ella Carlson (1 Apr 1910-2 Jan 1990)
            4-Glenn John Larson (9 Jun 1906-21 Apr 1965)
            sp: Doris Bjork
                5-Marydell Louise Larson
                sp: Harold Ronning
                    6-Randall Scott Ronning
                    6-Ryan Todd Ronning
                    6-Regan James Ronning
                5-Donowan Glenn Larson
                sp: Marlys Sogn
                    6-Tiffany Jo Larson
                    6-Tristen Michelle Larson
                    6-Darren Kyle Larson
            4-Gladys Idella Larson (9 Jun 1906-29 Jun 1993)
            sp: Sivert Krammer (6 Nov 1905-28 Dec 1992)
                5-Marlene Idella Krammer
                sp: LaVerne Johnson
                    6-Dale LaVerne Johnson
                    sp: Robin L. Winner
                        7-Corey Dale Johnson
                    6-Rondi Marlene Johnson
                    sp: Fred Kreger
                        7-Christa Marlaine Kreger
                    6-LaMar Idella Johnson
                    sp: Daniel Francis Tannheimer
                    6-Barry Russell Johnson
                5-Wanda Krammer (16 Aug 1937-1 Jan 1940)
                5-Karen Krammer
                sp: Harold Raber
                    6-Sherri Raber
                    6-Mark Harold Raber
            4-Lowell Wilbur Larson (20 Sep 1909-3 Jan 1976)
            sp: Ethel Disbrow
                5-Robert Dale Larson
                sp: Linda Lloyd
                    6-Julie Ann Larson
                    6-Jill Kathleen Larson
                5-Janet Mary Larson
                sp: Bruce Houlton
                    6-Amy Marie Houlton
                    6-Nicoli Renae Houlton
         3-Clara Sofia Larson (20 Mar 1873-13 Jul 1895)
        sp: John Frederick Engberg (1870-19 Oct 1908)
            4-Russell Engberg (bef 1 Jun 1895-)
        3-Sven Erik (Larson) Lahrson (2 Aug 1875-)
        sp: ? Lahrson?
            4-Older Brother Lahrson
            sp: ?? Lahrson?
            4-Ruthelie Lahrson
            sp: William McConnell
        3-Otto Julius Larson (24 May 1880-6 Dec 1960)
        sp: Annie Wilhilmina Lindberg (9 Sep 1881-12 Feb 1957)
            4-infant Larson
            4-Howard Larson (21 Jan 1904-16 Dec 1990)
            sp: Lenora Benson (19 Sep 1913-15 Mar 1991)
                5-Rodger M. Larson
                sp: Marlene Hollander
                    6-Doyle Larson
                    6-Scott Larson
                    6-Todd Larson
                5-John M. Larson
            4-Cora I. Larson (8 Mar 1905-26 Dec 1992)
            sp: Martin L. Mike Johnston (15 Sep 1896-3 Jun 1968)
                5-Judson Johnston
                sp: LaDonna Rae Lacey
                    6-Brent Lacey Johnston
                    sp: Sheryl Lynn Prvin
                        7-Luke Samuel Johnston
                    6-Sharalyn Rae Johnston
                    sp: Jeffrey Tony Clemens
                        7-Chase Martin Clemens
                        7-Caitlin Christine Clemens
                5-Richard Johnston
                sp: Mavis Wangler
                    6-Mark Johnston
                    6-Matt Johnston
            4-Edgar Larson (27 Aug 1907-)
            sp: Della Kemming (6 Jun 1905-)
                5-Sherwin Larson
            4-Fay (Faye) Annette Larson (4 Jan 1909-23 Apr 1972)
            sp: Arthur Gottburg (6 Nov 1909-Mar 1965)
                5-Audrey Gottburg
                sp: Robert Jensen
                    6-Robbie Jensen
                    sp: Janet Kittler
                        7-Crystal Jensen
                    6-Steven Jensen
                    sp: Edith Dennon
                        7-Jason Jensen
                        7-Matthew Jensen
                        7-Kyle Jensen
                    6-Christine Jensen
                    sp: Charles Kennis
                        7-Charles Kennis
                        7-Cara Kennis
                    6-Daniel J. Jensen (9 Nov 1959-3 Nov 1979)
            4-Berniece Marie Larson
            sp: Leslie Percy Swanson (10 Oct 1901-25 Oct 1954)
                5-DeArliss Ann Swanson
                sp: Vernon Gustafson
                    6-Patricia Dee Gustafson
                    sp: Daniel Ahart
                        7-Devin Daniel Ahart
                        7-Paige Patrice Ahart
                    6-Melanie Ann Gustafson
                    sp: Greg Ulmer
                        7-Christopher James Ulmer
                        7-Allan Scott Ulmer
                        7-Justin Richard Ulmer
                5-Douglas Leslie Swanson
                sp: Sandra Anderson
                    6-Craig Swanson
                    sp: Nancy Stenzil
                        7-Danielle Eileen Swanson
                        7-Sydney Anne Swanson
                    6-Stacy Swanson
                    sp: Peter Davidson
                        7-Ian Zane Davidson
                        7-Graham Leslie Davidson
                        7-Griffin Davidson
                    6-Scott Swanson
            4-Wallace Larson (11 Sep 1912-9 Mar 1996)
            sp: Rose A. Walde
                5-James Larson
                sp: Roberta Larson?
                    6-Teresa Larson
                    6-Max Larson
                    6-Jack Larson
            4-Doris Evangeline Larson (27 Apr 1914-)
            sp: Allen Orville Frahm (16 Jan 1912-1 Nov 1989)
                5-James Allen Frahm
                sp: Jane Pepper
                    6-Jill Rae Frahm
                        7-Andrew Scott Frahm
                        7-Keneshia Louise Frahm
                    6-Jeffrey James Frahm
                    sp: Susan Ruth Frahm?
                        7-Tyler Allen Frahm
                        7-Jessica Frahm
                    6-Jerrod Allen Frahm
        3-Alfred Walker Larson (25 Jun 1889-Sep 1938)
        sp: Myrtle Arens (-)
            4-Louis Larson (-)
            4-Louise Larson (-)
            4-Herbert Larson (-)
            4-Marjorie Larson (-)
            4-Madeline Larson (-)
            4-Charlotte Larson (-)
            4-Cozette Larson (-)
            4-Fern Larson (-)
            4-Carl Larson (-)

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