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P. August Winstrom (1860- )

(Biography is currently in the word factory.)

Descendants of P. August Winstrom and Hedwig Augusta Heiden

1-P. August Winstrom (Apr 1860-)
sp: Hedwig Augusta Heiden (Sep 1865-)
    2-Edith E. Winstrom (29 Aug 1901-)
    2-John H. Winstrom (Aug 1886-)
    2-Enoch R. Winstrom (Apr 1888-)
    2-Ethel R. Winstrom (May 1890-)
    2-Lillie E. Winstrom (May 1892-)
    2-Adolph G. Winstrom (1895-)
    2-William R. Winstrom (abt 1897-)
    2-? W. Winstrom (abt 1898-)

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