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Kiron Kountrytm  'Connections to Jämtland Län, Sweden'

Jämtland län includes the old provinces of Jämtland and Härjedalen.  It is the land of the great outdoors and stretches a vast distance along Swedens border with Norway.   Since pictures give a clearer impression than words try the following site:
 Sweden outline map
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Here is a list of some of the immigrants who came from Jämtland:
(List is subject to corrections and additions. Cross check with database for more accurate data.)
  Birthdate:       Name:                                                                                 Birthplace:
05 Aug 1832 Andersdotter, Brita Bertha                Föllinge
10 jun 1898 Andersson, Brita marie Ottolina           Föllinge
14 Oct 1887 Andersdotter, Ida Elizabeth               Föllinge
       1867 Bergman, Andrew Peter                     Föllinge
   Apr 1872 Bergman, Anna Dorothy                     Föllinge
       1863 Bergman, Martha Margaret                  Föllinge
04 Mar 1871 Bergman, Nels John                        Föllinge
02 Jun 1833 Bergman, Olof A.                          Föllinge
       1865 Bergman, Olof Andreas                     Föllinge
18 Feb 1857 Hagglund, Anders                          Häggenås
24 Mar 1830 Larsdotter, Anna (Annie)                  Häggenås
11 May 1863 Hagglund, Christina                       Häggenås
12 Mar 1828 Hagglund, Johan Andersson                 Häggenås
06 May 1859 Hagglund, Louis                           Häggenås
14 Jul 1865 Hagglund, Oliver (Olof)                   Häggenås
   Apr 1855 Johnson, Andrew                           LaxViken
       1848 Johnson, John                             LaxViken
   Mar 1862 Johnson, Jonas                            LaxViken
   Oct 1859 Johnson, Oliver                           LaxViken
26 Mar 1865 Johnson, Otto Nels                        LaxViken
       1857 Johnson, Paul                             LaxViken
       1818 Johnson, Peter,sr.                        LaxViken
       1852 Johnson, Peter,jr.                        LaxViken
       1823 ---, Mary                                 LaxViken
17 Aug 1878 Reesberg, Anders Bernhard                 Östersund
       1890 Lindqvist, Hulda M.                       Ragunda
12 Jun 1815 Sparfeldt (Jönsson), John (Jöns)          Ström

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