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Kiron Kountrytm'Connections to Kronoberg Län, Sweden'

Kronoberg län is part of the area known as Småland.  It is an inland area next to Skåne and Blekinge.  Its major city is Växsjö.  This is the home of the Emigrant Institute and Minnesota Day festival.  Since pictures give a clearer impression than words try the following site:
Sweden outline map
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Here is a list of some of the immigrants who came from Kronoberg:
(List is subject to corrections and additions. Cross check with database for more accurate data.)
  Birthdate:           Name:                                                                          Birthplace:
27 Sep 1821 Staffanson, Anders S.                     Aringsäs
13 Oct 1842 Ågren (Ogren), John Peter                 Berga
06 May 1856 Anderson, August                          Göteryd
08 Jun 1890 Anderson, Victor Elov                     Hallaryd
14 Mar 1868 Jönsdotter, Emilie (Emma)                 Hallaryd, Kråkeryd
20 Jul 1877 Miller, Alfred                            Hallaryd
24 Oct 1881 Miller, Edward                            Hallaryd
12 Oct 1867 Miller, Nils                              Hallaryd
04 Apr 1863 Miller, Peter Bengt                       Hallaryd
27 Oct 1867 Erickson, Albertina                       Hinneryd
31 Dec 1839 Erikson, Johan                            Hinneryd
16 Nov 1859 Johnson, Albert M.                        Hinneryd, Ekeryd
25 Jul 1840 Johnson, Anna Stina                       Hinneryd
23 Jan 1862 Johnson, Ida May                          Hinneryd, Ekeryd
23 Dec 1836 Johnsdotter, Lena Christina               Hinneryd, Ekeryd
       1865 Johnson, Mary                             Hinneryd, Ekeryd
11 Mar 1869 Johnson, Viola                            Hinneryd, Ekeryd
17 Oct 1857 Wester, Ida Charlotta                     Hofmanstorp
       1893 Wilhelmsson, Gustaf                       Härlunda
01 Apr 1862 Anderson, Aron                            Kvenneberga
07 Feb 1864 Anderson, Carl August (Staffanson)        Kvenneberga
13 Jan 1868 Anderson, Knut Adolf (Staffanson)         Kvenneberga
24 Apr 1862 Swanson, Joseph                           Linneryd, Hogahult
18 Feb 1866 Swanson, Emily                            Linneryd, Hogahult
 5 Feb 1846 Johnson, Carl Magnus                      Slätthög, Klasentorp
06 Sep 1826 Svensdotter, Anna Stina                   Slätthög
       1872 Jönsson, Emma                             Visland
17 Jul 1867 Jacobson, Frans Gustaf                    Vittaryd
12 Sep 1869 Johnson, Anders Magnus                    Vittaryd
29 Sep 1879 Johnson, Fred Oscar
   abt 1858 Johnson, John Andrew

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