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Kiron Kountrytm'Connections to Skåne Province, Sweden'

Many individuals in Kiron Kountry were more comfortable using the geographic designations of  Sweden associated with the old 'Provinces'.  This was especially true for those from Skåne and Småland as many came from the south of Sweden.  Those up north were more likely to just use 'Norrland' as the name they used to tie themselves to the old country.

Here is a list of some of the immigrants who came from Skåne province:
(List is subject to corrections and additions. Cross check with database for more accurate data.)
  Birthdate:         Name:                                                                                  Birthplace:
23 Jan 1828 Swanson, Nels                             Skåne, Sweden
 2 Oct 1834 Holmquist, Anna                           Skåne, Sweden
 8 Dec 1865 Olson, Mary (Maria)                       Skåne, Sweden
   abt 1824 Olson, Peter B.                           Skåne, Sweden
14 Dec 1868 Sederberg, Mary                           Skåne, Sweden
       1843 Sederberg, Peter                          Skåne, Sweden
 9 Nov 1835 Persdotter, Louise                        Skåne, Sweden
25 Mar 1837 Strahn, Nels Olson                        Skåne, Sweden
19 Oct 1870 Johnson, Anna Beata (Beatrice)            Skåne, Sweden
25 Dec 1855 Ecklund, Nels Peter                       Skåne, Sweden
21 Apr 1843 Olson, Peter B.                           Skåne, Sweden

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