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Kiron Kountrytm  'Connections to Uppsala Län, Sweden'

Uppsala län is the west part of the old province of Uppland.  It is the home of the ancient city of Uppsala.     Since pictures give a clearer impression than words try the following site:
Sweden outline map
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Here is a list of some of the immigrants who came from Uppsala:
(List is subject to corrections and additions. Cross check with database for more accurate data.)
  Birthdate:             Name:                                                                                           Birthplace:
17 Feb 1870 Anderson, Robert L.                       Uppland
            Erickson, John                            Uppland
 1 Jan 1858 Erickson, Mathilda                        Uppland
   Jun 1810 Gustafsdotter, Maria                      Uppland
            Gustafson, Gust                           Uppland
 4 Jun 1868 Hellman, Ereka                            Uppland
20 Jul 1865 Johnston, Hannah E. (Johannes)            Vendell
 1 Nov 1838 Johnston, John E.                         Uppland
   Jun 1867 Johnston, Mary Catharina
19 Sep 1842 Johnston, Peter                           Uppland
 1 Feb 1842 Larson, Anna Helena                       Uppland
22 May 1807 Larson?, Brigitta(BritaCathrina)          Uppland
   May 1807 Larson, Brita Katrina                     Uppland
28 Mar 1838 Mattson, Brita Cathrina (Carrie)          Uppland
       1811 Mattson, Maria                            Uppland
26 Mar 1878 Nordine, Erik Gustaf (Ericksson)          Tierp
       1880 Peterson, Maria                           Uppland
23 Jan 1840 Peterson, John                            Vendell

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