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Newspaper Article 3 January 1929:
Obituary of
Magne Anderson
1876 - 1928

Magne Anderson was born March 1876 at Jönköping, Sweden and died 20 December 1928 at the age of 52 years, 8 months, and 11 days.

He came to America in 1898, locating at Kiron, where he has since resided. His tragic death is shrouded in mystery with strong evidence of foul play. Magne has many friends here who regret to learn of his untimely death. He was a dependable worker and his employer valued his services.

He leaves three brothers, Andrew of Moville, Iowa; Frank of Moline, Illinois; and Alfred of Bronson, Iowa; and three sisters, Mrs. Helma Carlson of Carroll, Iowa; Mrs. E. Johnson of Bronson, Iowa; and Mrs. Sophia Peterson of Arthur, Iowa, besides other relatives.

Funeral services were conducted Sunday afternoon at the Kiron Cemetery by Rev. Gordon Carlson. A goodly number of old friends were present to pay their last respects.


Newspaper Article 22 December 1928:
Body Found Badly Charred on Floor but Room Only Slighty Damaged
Money Thought Gone

Denison Iowa, Dec 21 --- How Magne Anderson, 48, came to be burned to death is puzzling Sheriff Greene and Coroner Schnoor.

Anderson , a bachelor, has been making his home in recent years, especially during the winter, with Mr. and Mrs. Carl Swanson, relatives, on their farm a mile and one half north of Arion, Iowa. They left home at 1:30 pm Thursday returning at 6 pm.

Swanson found smoke coming from the house, with the door locked on the inside. Breaking it open, he came upon the body of Anderson burned almost beyond recognition. The flames had eaten a small hole in the floor where he lay and had scorched the door. The clothing was burned off. Only 15 cents in change was found near his body although Anderson is said to have had almost forty dollars, all in currency except 5 dollars in silver.

Swanson suggests that Anderson, who was in the habit of lying upon the rug while he smoked his pipe, might have fallen asleep while doing so, the pipe then setting fire to the rug.

"That seems hardly probable to me," said Coroner Schnoor. "The body was terribly charred, but there was little fire in the house. It seems rather if Anderson saturated himself with oil and then set fire to his clothing."

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