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The following appeared in the Denison Newspapers:
1.) A picture of Charles W. Clauson.
2.) The following obituary.
Charles William Clauson
1869 -1949

KIRON _ Funeral services were held at the Kiron Baptist church Saturday for Charles W. Clauson, 79, one of the early white boys to be born in Crawford county. Mr Clauson died Feb. 2, 1949 at 8:30 a.m. and was the second death in the family within the past two months. Mrs. Clauson preceded him Dec 8, 1948.

Death resulted from a heart attack, Mr. Clauson having been ill only a short time. He was in command of his faculties until the end and the previous evening called in a number of friends and bade them farewell.

He was the son of Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Clauson who were residing in Stockholm township. At the time of his birth 79 years, 6 months and 18 days ago on July 14, 1869, Crawford county had a smattering population. Deloit was destined to become the county seat and railroads were vying for a prominent place in the county's history.

It was only a few years earlier that the first actual influx of home settlements had been made. During his entire life he lived in Stockholm township.

He was educated in the schools of the county and took an active interest in civic affairs. One of those interests took him into politics and during his life he held a number of different offices.

On Jan. 9, 1895, he was married to Annie Naslund and shortly thereafter they established a home southeast of Kiron. With the exception of a year they lived on the same farm during their entire married life of more than 53 years. They were the parents of five children: Alvin and Myrtle, who preceded their parents, Eldon of St. Paul; Clarence of Deloit; Mabel, Mrs. Ernest Gustafson of Deloit. His parents and wife preceded him.

Ed Clauson of Kiron is the only surviving brother. In addition there are numerous grandchildren, great grandchildren, nieces and nephews.

Early in life he joined the Baptist church and was a consistent worker in its interests. Services were held in the church in which he worked so many years. Rev A.A.Bloomquist of Arthur was in charge. Music was by Hanford Ecklund, Jubel Hedstrom, Harry and Bert Lindstrom, Mrs. J.F.Hedstrom and Mrs. Elmer Wilson. Velma Larson accompanied at the piano. Rev. C.I.Peterson read scripture and offered prayer.

Honorary pallbearers were B.A.Samuelson and C.A.Dolk,Omaha; N.E.Larson, Chas. Gronau, C.S.Johnson, Gust Stehr, Carl Gustafson and Oscar C. Johnson. Active pallbearers included Alvin Winquist, Jubel Winquist, Vernal Gustafson, Henry Gronau, Roy Anderson and Fred Ogren.

Interment was in the Kiron cemetery.

Relatives here from a distance were Mr. and Mrs. Eldon Clauson, Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Clauson and son, Minneapolis; Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Paulson of Madelia, Minn; Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Anderson of Pocahontas, and Mrs. Mert O'Banion of LeMars; C.A. Dolk of Omaha and Lowell Clauson of Atlantic.

The following history was found with Grandpa Clauson's funeral cards. Author is unknown.

                      Charles William Clauson
                                   1869 - 1949

For the second time within a period of two months, the Lord called at the William Clauson home to
summon two of His children to their eternal rest. It was on the 8th day of December of 1948 when the
first call came for Mrs. William Clauson, and at 8:30 a.m.. on the morning of February 2, 1949, Will
Clauson departed from this world to share in the glories of the new Jerusalem. Mr. Clauson suffered a
stroke so he was sick for only a short while before he bid farewell to family and friends. He realized
that the end of his earthly sojourn was near because the evening before his passing he called for some
neighbors to come because he wanted to bid them farewell. He said to them, "Goodbye, I will not be
here in the morning." And so it was, that shortly after the new day had begin, he breathed his last in this
world. Just before he lapsed into his final sleep, he said to Mrs. Enoch Ecklund, who had been faithfully
helping to care for him during the final hours, "How wonderful it is to be going home. God bless our
home." These were the last words of a dying Christian. What a wonderful benediction. Mrs. Ecklund had
not only ministered to his physical needs, but had also read the Bible to him and offered prayers for
him. I am sure that his final thoughts were of the great love of his Heavenly Father, who had given him
the inner peace that only a Christian can experience. It can be said of Will, "Blessed are the dead which
die in the Lord from henceforth; Yea, saith the Spirit, that they may rest from their labours; and their
works do follow them." (Rev. 14:13)

Mr. Clauson had reached the age of 79 years, 6 months and 18 days, having been born July 14, 1869. He
was the son of Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Clauson, who were residing in Stockholm township, Crawford county,
Iowa, at the time of his birth. Stockholm township was the place of his residence during the entire life.
He was educated in the schools of Crawford county, and took an active interest in the affairs of said
county. One of his interests was that of politics, so during his life he held quite a number of different
offices, performing his duties in an exemplary manner. He was held in high esteem by his fellow men.

On January 19, 1895 he took for himself a helpmate. She was then Miss Annie Naslund. Shortly after
they were married they set up a home on a farm southeast of Kiron and with the exception of a year of
so, they lived on this same farm during their entire married life of some over 53 years, or until the death
of Mrs. Clauson in December. The Lord blessed them as they lived together, honoring their home with
the coming of five children, namely, Alvin and Myrtle who have both preceded their parents in death,
and the three surviving children, Eldon of St. Paul, Minn., Clarence of Deloit, Iowa and Mabel (Mrs.
Ernest Gustafson) also of Deloit. Mrs. Clauson, Will's parents and several brothers and sisters have
preceded him in death.

Mr. Ed Clauson of Kiron is the only brother that survives. Other relatives that we want to mention are
the following grandchildren, namely, Wallace Clauson of St. Paul, Mrs. Bruce Paulson of Madelia,
Minn., Lila Lee and Gordon Clauson of Deloit, Dennis, Glenn, Nancy and Nelda Gustafson all of Deloit,
William Leonard Clauson of St. Paul is a great-grand-child. Quite a number of nieces and nephews and a
host of friends also are left to mourn his departure.

Mr. Clauson had not failed to prepare himself for the hereafter. His spiritual interests were many. He
had experienced the joy of knowing Christ as his personal Savior. He loved to read from the Word of
God. He had joined himself together with other believers when he united with the Kiron Baptist Church
after following the Lord in the step of Baptism. He was a member of the above mentioned church at the
time of his home-going. It is fitting that we should gather in this sanctuary for the final service for this
friend, for it was here that he had heard many a time the message of the love of God for the world lost in
sin. He not only heard the message, but he believed it.

May the Lord bless his memory, and may we all look forward to the great resurrection day, when all of
God's children shall gather round the great white Throne in the new Jerusalem.

Funeral services were held at the Kiron Baptist Church, Saturday, Feb. 5, under the direction of Rev. A.
A. Blomquist of Arthur. Musical numbers were rendered by Hanford Ecklund, Kenneth Johnson, Bert
Lindstrom, Harry Lindstrom, Mrs. Jubal Hedstrom, and Mrs. Elmer Wilson. Rev. C. I. Peterson read the
scripture and offered prayer. Pallbearers were Alvin Winquist, Jubal Winquist, Vernal Gustafson, Oscar
Johnson, Roy Anderson, and Fred Ogren. He was laid to rest in the Kiron Cemetery.

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