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Herbert L. Larson -(1895 - 30 Apr 1919) - Kiron Newspaper

Mrs. Gust Larson, of Kiron Notified by War Department of the Death of Her Son Herbert
Cause to be Determined
Notified Last August of Son's Serious Injury in Action - Information Further Than That Unavailable.
Mrs. Gust Larson recently received a message from the war department informing her of the death of her son in France, date of death and cause, to be determined. Last August, she received a message that he was seriously injured in active service, and a number of efforts have been made by her and local friends since that time to get some information regarding him as to his condition and his whereabouts, and investigations by the war department and Red Cross Association, apparently failed to locate him, during these many months. From the late message however, information has been secured from France of his death and a letter following the message informs friends that as soon as a definite report in detail is received at Washington from France, concerning him, it will be forwarded to Kiron. While the message saddened the relatives and friends, it ends the intense anxiety of the mother and relatives and Kiron, to learn of his condition and whereabouts.
Private Herbert L. Larson, son of Mrs. Gust Larson, was born in Kiron Aug. 24, 1895, and grew up in this locality, to be a fine exemplary young man and possessed traits and character that won him esteem and respect by all who knew him, He was most industrious and had a promising and successful future. When the country's call was given Herbert responded and left for Camp Dodge, Sept. 22, 1917, and went overseas the following year in the middle of June, where he entered active service. He remained there until he was serverely wounded Aug 28th. Since that time no word of him has been had until the sad message was received a week ago. When he left his home and circle of friends, he willingly left its comforts and enjoyment and all that life held dear to him in the full blush of hope and in the springtime of existence. All his plans and realizations of life's dreams, all his preparation for careers of honor, usefulness and possibilities, all were laid on the altar and sacrificed to accept the course that faced death, that his country and the world might be saved. Whatever dreams were shattered and hopes blasted, were silenced in the recess of his heart when he left his comfortable home and loved ones and bade his friends goodbye, and went with head erect, determination firm, and shoulders squared against the foe, to do his duty, never to return to the former scenes fo his childhood, to his home and loved ones or to again mingle in the circle of his many friends. Doing his duty, he made the supreme sacrifice and the memory and record of Private Larson will oong remain with the Kiron people who are now mourning and sympathizing with his devoted mother, three sisters and two brothers, one of whom is still in France.

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