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 Preserving Kiron's Past
History Lovers: Do You Have any of this?

    - we are trying to locate, identify, preserve, and publish old Kiron related images of people, places, and activities.
        - images are scanned and saved on removable computer disks and then stored in a safe environment.
        - unharmed originals are returned to owner.
        - images are printed on full sheets and inserted in photo catalogs with appropriate identification.

KIRON  NEWSPAPERS - Old issues that have historical import.
    - Text scanned and saved using OCR.
    - Ads, pictures, and other non-text matter scanned and saved graphically.

FAMILY SCRAPBOOKS - Loaded with unexpected "gems" of local history.

FAMILY HISTORY BOOKS/ARTICLES/PAPERS - Loaded with viewpoints.  How things were seen from different vantage points.

LETTERS TO THE IMMIGRANTS - Clues to who they were, where they came from, who they left behind, etc.

SCHOOL RECORDS - Teachers, Attendees, School Terms, Curiculum, etc.

CHURCH RECORDS - Membership, Leaders, etc. - (especially for the Adventists and Holiness Band)

OTHER ITEMS OF HISTORICAL INTEREST- "folk lore", "tall tales", "legends", "rumors", etc.

FAMILY BIOGRAPHIES - Opportunity to tell the story of your family in your own words.

PHYSICAL STUFF - Obviously distributed since there is no "historical museum" but is there a index of  what exists and who has it?