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17 Dec 1998



The Centennial Committee has made available several gift items for those who would like a momento of the occasion.  At the end of the page below are names and phone numbers so you can place your order now. The following is a brief description of these items.

Remember the old butter crock where freshly churned butter was packed and stored in the ice-box.  The committee is bringing that memory back with this brownish-beige model with ring and town scene accents in blue.  In the same material and color family are the centennial coffee mug with the Iowa geographic logo and the large pitcher with the town scene.  To complete this family is the large bowl with the blue accent rings.


Somewhat more delicate is the elegant formal dinner table bell in white featuring the Kiron Swedish Bell Tower emblem.  Also, for creating the right atmosphere are the scented candles.

Big sellers are the Kiron Centennial cook book, the Kiron Centennial adjustable cap featuring a bulldog mug-shot of Kiron's famous mascot , and four different T-shirt designs.  Two of the shirts call attention to Kiron Tractor Pull events, a purple shirt remembers the colors of the uniforms of the local school athletic teams, and the beautiful new gray shirt has the historic Kiron Main Street scene.  Of course, to complete the wardrobe are the black wide suspenders with white centennial lettering.  Buy one or more of these clothing items now and be a proud walking advertisement for the old home town.

The coming of the Chicago and Northwestern Railroad and the beginnings of the Town of Kiron are two events historically entwined.  Certain to be a valuable collectors item is the cast steam locomotive engraved with '100 YEARS' and 'KIRON,   IOWA' and '1899-1999' on each side.  A coin slot on the bottom allows this item to serve as a bank.  Produced as a limited edition of only 100 copies each individually marked, these durable models are certain candidates for family heirlooms. (Don't ask for 'ol  37' as it rests beautifully on my shelf.)

On a more casual note are the deck of cards, a set of three official Kiron marble shooters, brightly colored Koozie's, key chains, postcards, and pencils.  All feature some connection logo, emblem, or stamping to the Kiron Centennial.

For those who are looking for that something special, the committee really did something nice.  They have produced a specially woven afghan that features pictorial representations of buildings from Kiron's past.  Available in either a natural  with  maroon accent color or with green accent color, both are sure to bring back memories of the town's history.  This is one item where delaying purchase is not advised.  When these are gone, they are gone!




Afghan $40.00 Bowl $22.00
Locomotive $20.00 Pitcher $19.00
Crock $17.00 T-Shirt $15, $12, $9, $7
Bell $12.00 Candle $12.00
Cook Book $12.00 Cap $10.00
Mug $10.00 Suspenders $10.00
Key Chains $7.50 Deck of Cards $6.50
Marbles $3.50 Koozie $2.00
Post Card $1.00 Pencil $0.50

These items are available now.  They may be purchased by visiting Kiron, Iowa and stopping at the Quick Mart.  Telephone orders may be made by calling Rodger Larson at Larson Insurance Co., or Ardie Buller at 712-675-4257.  Mailed items will be subject to a packing and shipping charge.

Remember, not only are these precious keepsakes for you to possess but your purchase helps the committee in producing the finest celebration possible.  Your participation is appreciated.  Thank you.