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School and Sports

It's traditional for Kiron to have a softball team. Kiron had its own lighted diamond just like all the neighboring towns. Over the years there were softball leagues giving all 'want-a-bees' a chance to demonstrate their stuff. Fast pitch was the game then. Kiron had its share of good pitchers. There was 'PeeWee' Skarin, 'Big Frank' Stehlik, etc., and the king of speed Vernon Gustafson. There were power hitters too like Conwell Lindstrom, Wesley Stehlik and Eddie Marshall. And who can ever forget that 'infield' going 'round the horn'. I doubt that a softball could every have been thrown faster.

The times have changed but the cravings for the fun of the sport haven't. Throughout the 80's and early 90's, Norm Gustafson pulled together the boys to keep the team going. They shifted to the popular 10 man slowpitch game but they had just as much fun. Here are some of the boys who were around for the 1991 season.