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Clan Keith
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Origin Of The Name HARVEY

Contributed by Michael Harvey

Ever wonder where our esteemed name came from? Several years ago my Mother and Father were vacationing in Scotland when they spotted a "Harvey" flag flying over a tent at a Scottish military parade. Excited about this discovery, they entered the tent and were given the following historical account:
In the time of David I, King of Scotland (about 1160), a Scottish Knight named Hervey is said to have obtained a grant of the north-west portion of the lands of Keith, in East Lothian (near Aberdeen). From it owner, it was called Keith-Hervey. It was this Hervey who held the office of King's Marischal under Malcom IV and William the Lion. The title Marischal became hereditary, and was passed to his grandson Philip upon Hervey's death in 1196. As was the custom at the time, the family became known by the name Keith, after the lands they possessed. The Keiths were a very powerful Celtic family in the far north of Scotland and their chiefs continued to hold the important office of Marischal of Scotland for six hundred years. Numerous Earl Marischals used the name Hervey or Harvey throughout their history. Famous episodes of their chronicles are a bloody and treacherous battle with their Norse neighbors, the Gunns, in 1464 and the rescue in Cromwell's time of the Scottish Regalia which the sixth Earl Marischal hid safely at Dunottar Castle.

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Accepting membership persons with the surnames Keith, Austin, Dickison, Dixon, Falconer, Harvey , Haxton, Hervey, Hurrie, Hurry, Lumgair, Marshall, Urie, and Urry. Also can help Clan McNab - and get Scottish American Athletic Assoc. Referals

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The background plaid is, by the way, the Keith Tartan.



George Black's, The Surnames of Scotland, p. 357 says:



From HERVE' a Breton personal name introduced into Britain by the Normans. In Latin records Herueus, Herveius and Herveus. Herueus, son of Philip Marescall, confirmed the church of Keith to the Abbey of Kelso. etc. etc.

Contributed by: Earl Ross, Special Contributor, Prodigy Genealogy BB


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