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Harvey Family Trees:

Thomas Harvey Family of Charlotte County, Virginia

By Wilmer L. Kerns
4715 N. 38th Place
Arlington, VA 22207-2914


There were two contemporary Thomas Harveys in Charlotte County; one was designated "Thomas of Butterwood Creek" and the other "Thomas the blacksmith." Thomas Harvey (1760-1844) of Butterwood Creek married Barbara Walton, daughter of the Rev. Simeon and Agnes (Hester) Walton (1741-1798). Thomas Harvey (ca 1747-1812) the blacksmith married Macca Barksdale, possibly a daughter of Collier and Sarah (Randolph) Barksdale, but not proven. This section is concerned with Thomas the blacksmith, and will hereafter be referred to as Thomas.

Thomas Harvey was born circa 1747, and may have been a son of Thomas and Elizabeth Harvey of Charlotte County. Thomas the younger wrote his will on April 9, 1812 and it was probated on July 6, 1812. His wife, Macca, was born circa 1748 and died before 1812. The Harvey estate was located on State Highway 615 between Madisonville and Red House in Charlotte County. The property was located on lower Cub Creek near Rolling Hill. Children of Thomas and Macca (Barksdale) Harvey were:

1. Molly Harvey was born circa 1769 and died before 1812, when her father died. Molly, sometimes called Polly, married Douglas Hancock on Nov. 5, 1787, in Charlotte County. They migrated to Jefferson County, Georgia, where he became a county tax collector. No further information is known about this family.

2. Sarah "Sally" Harvey was born circa 1771 and died June 6, 1846. She married Martin Hancock on Sept. 1, 1790. Martin was born March 9, 1767, probably in Chesterfield County, and died Sept. 21, 1838. Both were buried in the Hancock-Marshall cemetery located about one mile from their Red House. Martin was a large landowner, tobacco farmer, merchant, tavern owner and veteran of the War of 1812. Nine sons and two daughters were born to Martin and Sarah Hancock.

3. Elizabeth "Betsy" Harvey was born circa 1772. She married Pleasant Jennings, son of Dickerson and Frances (Bagley) Jennings, Jan. 3, 1791, in Charlotte County.

4. Nathan Harvey was born circa 1773 and died before March 2, 1840, when his will was offered in a chancery court suit. Nathan's will was dated Aug. 11, 1836 He first married Mary Ann Williamson, daughter of Cuthbert and Susannah (White) Williamson Jr., on Sept. 3, 1792, in Charlotte County. Children of Nathan and Mary Ann (Williamson) Harvey were:

a. Thomas Williamson Harvey was born on Dec. 1, 1795 and died Dec. 28, 1841. He married Elizabeth May Hunter, daughter of Benjamin and Elizabeth (Fields) Hunter, Jan. 27, 1821, in Campbell County, VA. She was born Dec. 4, 1804 and died May 14, 1880 at Hunter's Tavern in Appomattox County. Both were buried in the Harvey Graveyard at Rolling Hill, Charlotte County. Thomas W. was a farmer and grist mill owner and operator on the Falling River at Springs Mills. Elizabeth was listed on the 1850 census for Appomattox County. On Feb. 28, 1854, she married second to Thomas Elliott, son of Robert and Mary (Wilson) Elliott.

b. Sarah "Sally" Barksdale Harvey was born circa 1798 in Charlotte County, and died Nov. 8, 1867, in Franklin County, AL. She married Theodore Henderson Reed, son of John Orr and Martha (Frazer) Reed, May 23, 1814, in Charlotte County. They farmed in Campbell County and, in 1832, they moved to Franklin County, AL. Eleven children were born to their union.

c. Charles Collier Harvey was born on July 2, 1802 in Charlotte County, and died intestate on Nov. 2, 1875. He married Nancy Miller Hunter, daughter of Benjamin and Elizabeth (Fields) Hunter, Dec. 6, 1823, in Campbell County. She was born April 13, 1805 and died Sept. 14, 1887. Both were buried in the Harvey Ccmetery located about 3.2 miles east of Red House, Charlotte County. Charles was a farmer, merchant, deputy sheriff, and tavern operator in Charlotte County. This family was united with the Little Concord Presbyterian Church in Charlotte County, where Charles served as an elder.

d. Susan Catherine Harvey was born on Sept. 13, 1807, in Charlotte County, and died Oct. 9, 1895, in Appomattox County. She married Washington Hunter, son of Benjamin and Elizabeth (Fields) Hunter, Nov. 17, 1825, in Lynchburg, VA. Washington was born on Aug. 24, 1802, and died April 2, 1864. He was a prosperous farmer at Spout Spring, Appomattox County.

Children of Washington and Susan Catherine (Harvey) Hunter were:

(1) Charles Williamson Hunter was born on Sept. 20, 1827 in Appomattox County, and died Feb. 13, 1895. He married Susan Harris (1833-1903) in 1853. Charles served in the Civil War, in Company A of the 44th Virginia Regiment.

(2) Mary Ann Hunter, born on Aug. 13, 1830, and died in 1923. She married the Rev. William G. Miller, Methodist minister,and they lived for awhile in Peoria, IL. Mary A. was buried at the Old Concord Presbyterian Church Cemetery in Appomattox County.

(3) Sarah E. Hunter was born on March 3, 1832, and died .May 23, 1913 She married Dr. Daniel Septimus Evans, son of on Feb. 22, 1853. He was born on July 10, 1824, and died May 2, 1895.

(4) Macca Barksdale Hunter was born on June 6, 1835, and died in April 1885 in Appomattox County. She married Lameck Jones on June 20, 1853. He was born on Jan. 14, 1831 and died in 1906.

(5) Adeline Virginia Hunter was born on July 7, 1837. She died and was buried at Fort Worth, TX. She married first Thomas A. Williams (1835-1871), Oct. 13, 1856, and married second to the Rev. Lawrence F. Way. In 1882 they moved to Oklahoma and later settled in Texas.

(6) Nathan H. Hunter was born in 1839 and died on April 15, 1874 in Hempstead, TX. He married Emma Plunkett, daughter of John and Cynthia Ann M. (Staples) Plunkett of Appomattox County.and they moved to Texas. He was a dentist.

(7) Martha Susan Hunter was born March 10, 1842 in Appomattox, VA, and died Oct. 17, 1922, in Shreveport, LA. She married. William Arthur Jones, son of Peter R. and Letitia V. (Moseley) Jones, on Nov. 5, 1862 in Campbell County, He was born on Oct. 27, 1836 in Campbell County,, and died on Dec. 28, 1885, in Brownwood, TX.

(8) Washington B. Hunter was born Jan. 14, 1851, and died young.

e. Mary Ann Harvey was born in 1810, and her death date is not know. She married John Thornhill on Nov. 21, 1828, in Charlotte County. After Mary Ann's death, John married second to a Miss Brent.

f. Macca Barksdale Harvey was born March 26, 1813 and died July 3, 1892. She married Nathaniel Daniel Price on Oct. 5, 1829. He was born on July 28, 1808 and died May 8, 1859. Nathaniel D. was a merchant, farmer, deputy sheriff and a member of the Masonic Order. This family lived and raised 10 children near Madisonville, Charlotte County.

g. Martha Ann M. Harvey was born on Oct. 16, 1818 and died Oct. 15, 1905. She was buried in Liberty Baptist Church Cemetery in Appomattox County. On Nov. 11, 1831, Martha married Clement Harvey Hancock in Lynchburg, VA. He was born on July 26, 1810, and died July 30, 1858. Clement was a farmer, merchant, and tavern owner in Charlotte County. Also, he served as a representative in the Virginia House of Delegates.

5. Drucilla Harvey was born circa 1778 and died May 3, 1860. She married Isham Harvey, son of John and Ann (Richardson) Harvey, Jan. 6, 1796 in Charlotte County.

6. Susannah Harvey was born circa 1783 and died Feb. 1, 1783. She married William Lacy Thornton, son of Francis Thornton, Dec. 5, 1796 in Charlotte County.

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