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The ancient Alphabet of the Gaels contained only sixteen letters where each letter was named for shrubs and trees, and there was no letter H or P included. Modern Gaelic now contains eighteen letters, compared to English which has twenty-six. The ancient family name of Haugh was "Eochaidh," meaning a Knight, a Horseman, Horse Kings, Fierce Horsemen, or Horse Nobles. The later version was "O'h-Eochaidh" which is pronounced OHH-HAWK-EE, and it then became anglicised as O'Heoghy, Hoey, Howe, Haugh, Haughey, etc. depending upon the dialect of Irish used. Today, the name Haugh is pronounced "Hauk" or "Hawk" in Ireland.


New Haugh Genealogy Information - September 13, 2001

I had known that the Cass County Haughs were connected to the Carroll County, Delphi Haughs since Bud and Betty had taken Kim and me to the St. Joseph Catholic Cemetery in Delphi, about 4 years ago.

At the time Bud did not know which group of Haughs he was related to. He did , however, relate to us (and Kim recently had to refresh my memory) why the Carroll County Haughs were Catholic and the Cass County Haughs were not. The family story was; One of the children (apparently this would have been on Thomas Jefferson Haugh’s side, since he was not Catholic) was jumping up and down in the church attic, after the church ceiling had been freshly plastered. The plaster came loose and fell from the ceiling. The priest apparently didn’t think this was very nice and gave the Haugh child a good thrashing. The parent did not like this whipping and left the church, so the story goes.

On September 13, 2001, I "read" the 5 Haugh grave plots at the Delphi St. Joseph Catholic Cemetery and researched the Haugh ancestors in the Carroll County Historical Society Museum at Delphi. Actually, to be honest, the volunteer at the museum did the research, I only recorded what she found for me. jkd



Thomas Jefferson and Margaret ‘Belle’ Sizor Haugh

(These are the great grandparents of Richard, Linda, Mike, Theresa, Lori, Bob & Kim)¹

They, of course, are buried at Bethel Cemetery - Adamsboro, Ind.

The parents of Thomas Jefferson Haugh (and 2-great grandparents of the above list)¹

Michael Haugh - b. 1836 in Ireland - d. 1915 in Delphi - buried: St. Joseph Cemetery

Mary Corbitt Haugh (1st wife) - b. 1835 in Ireland - d. 1887 in Delphi - buried: St. Joseph

Mary’s stone is an old upright, all but unreadable. (SEE PLOT READ BELOW)

Notes: Michael Haugh’s 2nd wife was Bridget O’Connell Haugh (1845-1928)

Michael & Bridget’s names are on a large stone in the cemetery

The parents of Michael Haugh (and 3-great grandparents of the above list)¹

Thomas Haugh - born in Ireland

Johanna Swenny Haugh - born in Ireland


Michael Haugh in the 1880 United States Census

Census place: Delphi, Carroll County, Indiana

Source: FHL Film 1254267 National Archives Film T9-0267 Page 87B


Michael HAUGH     Self     Male       Widow        White         41         Birthplace: Ireland
Occupation: Trades In Stalks       Father: born Ireland - Mother: born Ireland

Thomas HAUGH¹     Son       Male      Single           White        14          Birthplace: Indiana
Occupation: Laborer                    Father: Ireland      Mother: Ireland

Katy HAUGH           Dau.     Female    Single           White        12          Birthplace: Indiana
Occupation: At Home                  Father: Ireland      Mother: Ireland

Josie HAUGH           Dau.     Female    Single           White        10          Birthplace: Indiana
Occupation: At Home                  Father: Ireland       Mother: Ireland

John HAUGH            Son      Male        Single           White         7           Birthplace: Indiana
                                                   Father: Ireland       Mother: Ireland

Margaret HAUGH    Sister   Female     Single            White      35            Birthplace: Ireland
Occupation: Housekeeper             Father: Ireland        Mother: Ireland


Census provided by The Carroll County Historical Society - Delphi, Indiana


Notes: Michael Haugh’s 1st. wife, Mary Corbitt Haugh, died 1875. They were married
May 5, 1862. She is buried at St. Joseph Catholic Cemetery, Delphi, Indiana.


¹Thomas Haugh - This is Thomas Jefferson Haugh, husband of Isabelle Sizor Haugh,
and ancestor of the Cass County Haughs.

Michael Haugh, marriage record - 2nd. marriage

Haugh, Michael, 53 years, born in Ireland

O’Connell, Bridget

Michael Haugh, Resident of Delphi

Occupation: Grain Dealer

Father: Thomas Haugh

Mother: Johanna Swenny

Marriage date: March 5, 1889

2nd marriage by Rev. Boechemon

MICHAEL HAUGH - Will Index and Will probate

Michael Haugh

born: Limerick, Ireland

born: December 24, 1836

died: Saturday, October 23, 1915 - 79 yrs & 10 months - Delphi, Indiana

Suvivors: Wife and two sons by a former marriage: John of Delphi and Thomas of Cass County.

He came to Carroll County in 1853.


Michael Haugh - ADM 10/27/1915

Need tax Appraisal - 1/3/1916

Value: $19,244.00 - 1/15/1916

Heirs: Bridget, Widow - Sons: John, Thomas

Will date: 3/16/1909 Probate: 10/27/1915



Haugh, Michael

Will probate - Carroll County Circuit Court

Bridget Haugh as Executrix

Sons: Thomas and John Haugh

Grandchildren: John Roach and Isabelle Roach

Sons each a one third interest in 80 acres of land, one third share in 7 lots in Delphi, and $250.00 cash. Equal one third share divided by grandchildren: John Roach and Mrs. Isabelle Briney.
Balance of estate to widow for her life time - then will revert to the above named heirs.

Death Records - Cass County Indiana

Haugh, Infant Son - born Indiana

Residence: Clay Street

Born & died April 15, 1906

Father: Thomas Haugh - born Indiana

Mother: Margaret Sizor- born Indiana

Buried: Old City Cemetery - Logansport, Indiana

(Book 1906-7 Page 43 - Kroeger Funeral Home)

NOTE: This infant was the twin of  Robert Leland Haugh, (1906-1964). Robert is the grandfather of the above listed group¹. Bud Haugh always believed that his father's twin was buried in Bethel. This document dispels this belief.


ALL The above information provided by a volunteer of the Carroll County Historical Museum, Delphi, Indiana, from marriage, wills, funeral and the 1880 Carroll County Census records.

The Historical Museum web site is here


St. Joseph Catholic Cemetery - Delphi, Indiana

Michael Haugh Family Plot

On Large Stone - Michael Haugh - Oct 24, 1836 - Oct 23, 1915
                              Bridget O’Connell Haugh - Dec 25, 1845 - June 21, 1928 (Bridget Was 2nd wife)

On Separate Stone - John B. Haugh - 1872 - 1926

On Old Upright Stone -

Wife of
Michael Haugh
In the County of  Dublin
Aug 13(?) 1838
May 10(?) 1875
37 yrs 7(?) mos 3(?) dys
(note 1st wife of  Michael)

On Old Upright Stone (Stone is broked and leaning back to back with Mary’s Stone)-

Son of
Michael and Mary Haugh
Apr 12, 1863
June 8, 1872
9 yrs 1 mos 26 days




Posted September 20, 2001