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Notes of Genealogical Interest From Abel Helman's Journal
February 1883- July 1892


Feb. 04 - Mrs. Scott died
Feb. 05 - Mrs. Scott buried
Feb. 10 - Reesers Child died 4 oclock night.
Feb. 11 - Reesers Child buried 11 Oclock morning
Feb. 12 - Henry Norton died 1 oclock midnight
Feb. 13 - H. Norton burried 1 oclock P.M.
Feb. 17 - Bill and Al Mayfield had a fight
Feb. 18 - Scarlett fever in town
Feb. 19 - Mrs. Camels child burried
Mar. 06 - A. D. Rockafellow had a trial in his business
Mar. 08 - George Hills wife died
Mar. 09 - George Hills wife burried
Mar. 11 - doctor York lectured 11th and 12th
Mar. 14 - Link Sowed Clover seed & Rye grass that John Howell gave A. D. H.
Mar. 28 - Jacob Wagner child died 11 oclock A.M.
Mar. 29 - Jacob Wagner child burried 4 1/2 oclock P. M.
Apr. 05 - Jacob Wagners child died __ oclock A. M.
Apr. 06 - Jacob Wagners child buried
Apr. 09 - Mr. McMayon killed
Apr. 10 - Mr. McMayon buried
Apr. 11 - Frank Beaver child Walter Burried
Apr. 15 - Otto Beavers died and buried
Apr. 20 - Mr. Fletcher died
Apr. 21 - Mr. Fletcher burried
May 07 - Gunnisons child died
May 08 - Gunnisons Child Burried
May 10 - Grant Helmans Birthday 18 years
July 11 - Mike Mickelson shop burnt down
July 27 - Ella Bushford Died
July 28 - Ella Bushford was Burried
Oct. 22 - Jana Smith died wife of Harrie Smith
Nov.30 - Berta Kentnor Died 8 oclock PM
Dec. 01 - Berta Kentnor Burried 2 oclock PM
Dec. 02 - J. D. Willits wife died and Burried


Jan. 04 - A man got hit on the head with a hatchet at Hoodsons barn
Feb.14 - A. V. Gilette Died
Feb.16 - A.V. Gilette Buried
Feb.20 - Butler (Note: Abel's son) and Florence Applegate got married at 6 oclock P.M.
Mar.18 - Dolly Myer Died 1 o'clock PM
Mar.19 - D Myer Burried 2 oclock PM
Mar.20 - A. G. Fordyce Died at Salem Oreg
Mar.22 - A. G. Fordyce Burried at Ashland
Apr.27 - W. M. Burckhalter and Ida Kentnor was Married
May 27- Bell Woolen and Mr. Isum from albany was married
Jun. 04 - John Eubanks and Mollie Russell was Married
Jun. 15 - Oat (Note: Abel's son Otis) and A. Fox caught 120 trought
Jul. 04 - W.W. Coles grand circus in Ashland
Jul. 25 - Denbys circus in Ashland
Aug 01 - Mrs. Paterson died at 7 oclock A.M.
Sep.03 - Grant Helman and Minnie Applegate was married
Sep.14 - Jay Niles came over to deliver his pictures
Sep.20 - May Niles (Note: this would be Abel's daughter, Mary Elizabeth) came over
Sep.21 - Jane Carter (Note: this is Abel's daughter Martha Jane m. John Carter)came up
Oct.20 - Henry Clayton died 5 oclock A.M.
Oct.21 - Henry Clayton Burried 10.00 A.M.


Jan. 09 - G. W. Fordize died in Medford
Jan. 11 - G. W. Fordize burried in Ashland
Mar.19 - Eclips of the sun 9 o'clock 15 min. A.M.
Apr. 09 -Mrs. Bridge lectured here
July 30 - Pa has the ague. G. Grant died ( Note:This would be President U. S. Grant)
Aug.03 - U. S. Grant buried
Aug.10 - John Robinson circus in Ashland
Sep.02 - Steam Thrashers at B. Millions
Sep.13 - Jane Carter's girl born
Sep.27 - John Carter was up
Oct.29 - Jb Durkes child died
Oct.30 - Durkees child burried


Jan. 16 - Butlers Baby was born (Note: Butler was Abel's son, Benjamin Butler Helman)
Jan. 17 - the baby died & burried
Mar.24 - Annie Baldwin was Burried today
Apr.24 - Went to J. P. Walkers after Potatoes
May 01- Showery. John got married (Note: this is Abel's son John who m. Grace Younker)
June 19- Link and Butt Hauled Lumber to M. Mickelson
June 23- Little Jersey had a calf. Nell and Sheridan was married
Aug.02 - J. C. Niles came over and went to Medford
Aug.07 - Stella got sick (Note: This was Abel's grandaughter, a dau. of Abraham Helman)
Aug.11 - Stella died at 5.45 O'clock P M
Aug.12 - Stella was Burried at 3 P M
Aug.13 - Mrs. Bruman went home
Aug.20 - Powners boy died
Aug.21 - Powners boy was Burried
Aug.22 - May J. and Emma Niles came over
Aug.25 - May, Otis and Emma Niles & the children went to Cottonwood.
Aug.27 - went up to M. Mickelsons with Link
Sep.01 - Baled Hay for John Real
Sep.02 - Otis Baled Hay for John Real
Sep.06 - John Reals Barn Burned.
Sep.13 - Mrs.and Ella Niles came over
Sep.14 - Jay came up. Mrs. Countryman came home
Sep.15 - Mrs. Niles & Ella went home.
Sep.26 - Jane and I went to Beesons
Nov.27- Jane, J.K Helman and wife went to Links. Foggy
Nov.28-Foggy. Frank Krause Died
Nov.30-Frank Krause was Burried. Kentnor, R. Taylor, Wm Long, Drake, H. L. Emery, & ---------J.K & A.D. Helman went to the Furneral.
Dec.01- Foggy. L. H. Hill Died
Dec.11- Jim was shot (Note: I'm not sure who this was)


Jan. 08 - Jonas Fox died
Jan.09 - Old Man Fox was burried
Feb.15- A M a little snow. Mrs. Carter was here.
Feb.28- south wind. Link and Butt Finished hauling hay for ------. Dr. Rice died.
Mar.01- rained. Dr. Rice was Burried
Mar.20- Presidents car came up.
Mar.22- Jane went to Carters
Jun. 30- Ed Farlow took the P. O.
Sep.04- rained a little. Mrs. Clark Stone was Burried
Sep.12- sold some pears to C. Nutley
Sep.17- Shermans show was here, showed 2 times
Oct.08- E. Emery & wife was here.
Oct.19- the Girls went to Links. M.P. died
Oct.20- Mary Palmer was burried 10 A. M.
Nov.17-Dr. Chitwood died 1.30 P.M.
Nov.18-Dr. Chitwood Buried 2 P.M.
Dec.06- Bun Crawfords came in from Tule Lake
Dec.17- the golden spike was driven
Dec.18- through trains
Dec.21- Foggy Foggy Foggy Finished Plowing the Orchard. Mush Wagner married
Dec.22- Foggy Foggy Foggy Will Vandyke married & Gilroy, too


Feb.04- Scarlett fever in town
Feb.12- Rained. Jess Sonnichson and Butler took dinner with us
Feb.13- Pa (Note: this would be Abel Helman)became Justice of the Peace a short time ago.
Feb.22- hauled wood, Link is plowing for John Helman, Otis cut his foot with an axe.
Feb.25- Link sold his horses to Mr. Rogers
Feb.26- Married, W. H. Low and Mary O. Wilcox
Feb.27- Pa (Abel Helman) is working on the roads; Link worked at Farnhams
Feb.28- Pa (Abel Helman) sold and boxed his apples for Mr. Martin
Mar.05-Pa (Abel Helman) was elected School Director
Mar.14-Mrs. McBride buried, died the day before
Mar.15-Mr. Geo. Rockfellow died; Mr. John Million died
Mar.16-Mr. Rockfellow and Million buried.
Mar.19-Public Schools commenced this morning. Link commenced work for Mr. Willey.
Mar.21-Hauled pickets. Mrs. Carter came down.
Mar.29-Annie Helman came down today. Pa (Abel Helman) hauled lumber.
Apr.06- Boulon Troupe in Town, Play two nights.
Apr.09- May Niles came over on the Train
Apr.10- Pa worked uptown, helped Ed DePeatt move
May.08-got a horse from J P Walker
June 27-John Drummond shot himself in the mouth.
June 30-ratification meeting tonight for Harrison & Morton
July 02 -turned over the justice, Books & papers to M. Berry
July 16- Commenced mowing. Eugene Walrad cow had a calf.
July 21- Marshall and Yeoman helped haul hay
July 27- John Walker got his horse
July 31- put the cows in Johnsons field
Aug.01-Hauled Grant a load of wood B. H. Howed garden. Otis worked for McCall
Aug.02-Worked Garden. O worked for McCall
Aug.03-Put the Horses in Johnsons field. Ote killed 5 grouse
Aug.07-Howed cabbage. Mrs. May got blackberries
Aug.16-Took Mrs. Drake some corn. Rained this PM
Sep.09-went down to Stewarts for Melons
Sep.12-Otis helped thrash at Millions
Sep.18-P. P. Royal Came from Oakland,Or
Oct.31- J. K. Helman got hurt
Nov.09-Hauled a load of wood for H. Farlow
Nov.10-Hauled a load of wood for H. Farlow
Nov.23-rained this A. M. took Mrs. Porter cabage,Onions Potatoes & Apples
Dec.14- Geo. Casey died. raining this P.M. Washed today
Dec.15- Geo Casey was burried. rained
Dec.24-Settled up with Phillips & Miller for waiting on Roberts
Dec.27-Worked in the P.O. nearly all day. Visited B. K. Anderson in the afternoon.


Jan.01- Eclipse. Made Lodge reports
Jan.08- Link hauled wood from Pattons
Jan.09- Link hauled wood from Pattons
Feb.02-Applegate and I (Abel Helman) sat as equalization Board in School Assessment
Feb.04-Applegate and I (Abel Helman) sat as equalization Board in School Assessment
Feb.05-Applegate and I (Abel Helman) sat as equalization Board in School Assessment
Mar.03-Frank Hargadine died
Mar.04-Frank Hargadine was burried today at 2 1/2 o'clock
Mar.23-fixed up papers with H. C. Myer
Mar.24-Mrs. Harriett Ewing was burried here
Mar.31-finished fixing up with H. C. Myer
Apr.05-E. Depeatt left Ashland
Apr.22-did not do anything. Beeson Died, was Burried
May 02-raining. rained untill M. Stacy put cow in field
May 23-took Browney to Johnsons. howed garden
May 24-plowed garden & planted some corn. Dean died
May 25-finished planting corn. went to Deans funeral
May 27-cleaned ditch. Stacy put a cow in the field
June 06-sold a lot to Lumis of Jenny Creek
June 08-sold a 3 pointed lot to Johnson
June 18- took a Jersey to Johnsons
June 21-Johnson Cut Hay for Me.
July 04-a fire in the mountains back of John Walkers
July 23- But died. School meeting. Elected Kentnor Director
July 24- But was buried. Cut Mullen
Aug.04- Mrs. May left for Spokan Falls W
Aug.07- Made Cider. Arnold, N. G. Jacksonville Died
Aug.12- Telegram from Shafter, Colonel, asking if O. O. Helman could enlist
Aug.16- loafed around town. Mrs. Van Sant Died.
Aug.17- took Mrs. Van Sant to Red Bluffs to Bury her.
Aug.18- I saw Prof. Wells. Prof. Getz come on the train.
Aug.21- Made Cider. Alta, Allie and Mrs. Cox came down
Aug.24- round with Mr. & Mrs. Baker
Aug 25- Pealed Pares & run around with Baker
Aug.26- Bakers started for San Francisco. Grants foot is sore
Oct. 04- Grant Started to Applegates. Picked Apples
Oct. 17- Hauled wood. Knobby Martin died
Nov.16- Split wood. John Millions wife died
Nov.17- went to church. Mrs. Million was burried
Nov.18- South heavy wind. G. C. Patriarch came here.
Nov.21- raining. Bro. Bentley started for Lake View. Mrs. Sonnichson was burried.
Nov.26- Otis helped McCall survey at Scolies.
Dec.09 - rainey. snowed low down. Grand Pop Garrett died
Dec.10 - Snowed & rained. Grand Pop Garrett was Burried
Dec.11 - Split wood in the forenoon. Hargadine G. Yd.
Dec.12 - Snowing AM. rained & snowed. Bean was Burried
Dec. 16 - South wind. Sold two lots to Foster
Dec. 25 - went to Cunninghams for Dinner


Jan. 09 - Sent Mrs. Headricks carpet & chair to East Portland
Jan. 19 - went to church. snowed. Mrs. Straits mother was Burried
Jan. 21 - H. Jasper Cunningham as Janitor in S. S. H.
Feb.04 - rained. Creek went down. Central Hotel Burned
Feb.10- took inventory of Solon Culvers Property
Feb.19- went to town A M. Geo. Dunn and Alta Miller was Married
Mar.02-went to M.E. Church 2 times. Mills the Baker died.
Apr.20- Went to Presbyterian Church 2 times. Elsie McCall Died
Apr.21- Cut brushin Orchard & hoed in Nursery. Elsie McCall was Burried
June 05-Made Bridge on ditch at Jaspers. raked Hay
June10- went to Phoenix on S. Culvers Business
Jun.25- took Links young cow to Millions. the old cow had a calf
Aug.05-Robinsons show was in town
Aug.11-McCall surveyed my 40 up the creek
Sep.01-up to town. Made a deed to A. E. Graham
Sep.19-Yreka Drama Co players in Ashland
Sep.22-Oat went to work at R R office in Frizzell's place at 3 pm
Oct.13- Straits oldest girl was burried. Also Mrs. Fordyce.
Oct.14- raining. M. Mickelson & Victoria got married in the I. O. O. F. Hall
Nov.04-Hauled wood. Old man Parker was burried.
Nov.20-Hauled Railes. Walter Beebes Baby died.
Nov.21-Walters Baby was buried in East Cemetery
Nov.24-Visited schools with McElroy & others.
Nov.28-went to Grants Pass to hear J. J. Walker lecture
Nov.30-went to church. took J. J. Walker & wife out riding
Dec.20- Foggy Foggy. John plowed for Cunningham


Jan. 03- took cabbages to Engles. Went to Medford to Installation
Jan. 14- up to town. Visited Whittle. Whittle got Horse kicked
Jan. 18- went to church. Mrs. Durggens was burried
Feb.04- dug round trees in the yard. John's baby was born at 5 o'clock PM (Note: this would be ---------John Helman, Abel's son. The baby was Almeda Grace Helman)
Feb.10- Snowed a while then rained. Dickies Baby Died
Feb.12- Dickies baby was Burried in the East Cemetery
Mar.03-raining. Sworn Shepard in Office.
Mar.26- rained A M. Ras Wells was burried in the H Cemetery
Apr.01- went to the Colver ranch to survey
Apr.03- trimmed trees A M. Made deeds of Colver farm
May 13-went to W. C. Myers & to town
June 07-went to Phoenix. Getz & family & Lavalley & wife
June 15-Mrs. Erb was burried. Bill Mayfield died
June 16-Bill Mayfield was burried in Harg Cemetery. Links cow had a calf.
June 27-went up the creek. took Mrs. Lavaley
June 28-went to church. Lavaley and wife was here.
July 06- fixed up my report of sales on Colvers business
July 13- Mowed hay. Durkee broke his machine. Dr. Townsend killed himself.
July 17- Cocked hay & Hauled load P M. Eber Emery died.
Aug.04- Set out Strawberries. Bradford come in.
Aug.14- Grant paid the Colver note.
Aug.16- went down to Colver place to sell Hay
Sept.17-Blakeman commenced painting the House
Sept.24-Blakeman was painting the house.
Sept.28-Mrs. Herrin was burried. Made cider. had Jene Walrad help.
Oct. 02-washed Windows. Fosters Baby was burried
Oct. 03-Eugene Walrad made cider. Frost
Oct. 24-a man shot himself in the arm above Tyler station. accidental
Oct. 25-came home from Linkville. Harry Walker got killed. his team ran off the road.
Nov.10-Hauled wood. Mrs. Romans died. to be burried at Jacksonville.
Nov.19-churned. went to town. took cabbage to Keller
Dec.09-City convention. Attenison nom. Mayor
Dec.15-City Election- Granger elected Mayor.
Dec.20-rainey. Ed Kilgores wife died.
Dec.23-Snowey. snowing. M. Ed Kilgores wife was burried at 2 PM
Dec.25-went to Mrs. Gillettes for dinner. Masked Ball
Dec.28-Worked on Lodge Books. Mrs. Grubb Died.
Dec.30-Snow 1 1/2 in. Mrs. Grubb was Burried


Jan. 23- Made Sausage (D. Gurnell Died Oct. 1 1891)
Mar.10-Made a bridge in Camp. Crooks and I
Mar.11-Worked with Kentnor making Lodge fixtures
Mar.22-went to Jacksonville- McClain lectured on chili
Apr.09-went to see L.N. Neil for pig.
Apr.10-Frost. Funeral for Mrs. Gee
Apr.17-Made fence. Mrs. Faber Died.
Apr.20-rainey. washed. Mrs. Faber burried in Ashland
May 01-Made my G. P report at Getzes. rained
May 05-John (Note: Abel's son) started home. took Pet to Millions
May 12-Was elected Grand Representative from the Grand Encampment and Grand Master of ---------the Grand Lodge of Oregon.
May 24-Washed and went to town. Mr. Galy died.
May 25-Mr. Galey was Burried
June 01-Took my Nephew Miller out riding. Blakeman died
June 02-Mr. Miller left for home. Mrs. McHatton died. Neil child drowned
June 03-Mr. Blakeman was burried
June 04-Mrs. McHatton was burried
June 07-School election. Elected Frank Carter
June 16-howed garden. took Mrs. Lavaley out riding
June 22-H. Farlow got the wagon to haul Hay for Coolidge
June 23-South wind AM. Muller was burried
June 29-worked in garden. Mrs. Osborn was Burried.

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