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The State of Ohio Ashland County

Minutes of the court of Probate held at Ashland in said county of Ashland, on Tuesday the twenty first day of September AD one thousand eight hundred and fifty two A D Curtis of said court & acting his own clerk

Motion the last will and Testament in writing signed by the maker thereof Harman W. Helman late of said county deceased was this day brought before the court. Whereupon came John Vannest and David Helman credible witnesses thereto, and were duly sworn and examined, and whose testimony was reduced to writing signed by them and duly filed with the said will. and it appearing to the court from said Testimony that the said last Will and Testament was duly executed, that said Testator at the time of executing the same was of full age of sound mind and memory and not under any restraint. It is by the court ordered that said last Will and Testament together with the proof thereof be recorded by the Judge of the court in a book by him kept for that purpose.And it appearing to the court that the Executor therein named is a resident of this state. It is thereupon ordered that the letters of Administration with a copy of the will and probate annexed issue to Abner Finley upon his entering into bond with security conditions according to the law in the sum of one thousand Dollars with John Finley and Lemuel Miller bail. Major Tyler, Nicholas Wireman and Johnson Oldroyd(?) are by the court appointed appraisers of the personal property of said estate. Thereupon said administration executed and filed his bond to the acceptance of the court.

Will and Proof

In the name of the Benevolent Father of all. I Harman W. Helman of the township of Perry and county of Ashland do make and publish this my last Will and Testament

Item First It is my will that my just debts be paid out of my estate.

Item 2nd I give and devise all the balance or residue of my estate after paying all my just debts & charges to my beloved wife Mary Helman so long as she remain my widow, but so soon as she change her name by marriage and ceases to remain my widow, then my estate which is not consumed, except her legal interest or share, It is my will shall be divided equally between my Brother Robert's children and my Sister Mary's children.

Item 3rd It is my will that my beloved wife wife Mary Helman and my Mother in Law shall have the use of my buggy and Harness for their own use for as long as my beloved wife Mary Helman shall remain my widow and after she ceases to remain as such, then it is my will that the Buggy and Harness both go to my Father in Law and Mother in Law.

Item 4th I do hereby nominate and appoint my Brother Robert P Helman Executor of this my last will and Testament hereby authorizing and empowering him to adjust release and discharge in such manner as he may deem proper the debts and claims due me. I do hereby revoke all former wills by me made. In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this twenty first day of May A D 1852.

Harman W. Helman

Signed and acknowledged by said Harmon
W. Helman as his last will and Testament
in our presence and signed by us in his
presence, David Helman, John Vannest.

The state of Ohio, Ashland County - Personally appeared in open court David Helman and John Vannest subscribing witnesses to the last Will and Testament of Harman Helman late of said county, deceased, who being duly sworn according to Law, dispose and say that the forgoing is the last will and Testament of said Harman Helman deceased, that they subscribed their names, thereto as the attesting witnesses at the request of of the said testator and in his presence, and in the presence of each other, and that he signed the name in our presence and acknowledged the same to be his Last Will and Testament, that said testator at the time of executing the same was of full age, sound mind and memory and not under and restraint.

John Vannest
David Helman

Sworn to and subscribed in open court this 21st day of September A D 1852

A L. Curtis Probate Judge

Note: We believe this is the son of Jacob who died in 1831. Harman m. Mary Morris 01 Apr 1851. The David Helman listed was the son of John 1785-1874.

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