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Abstracts of Helman / Hellman's found in Who's Who in America

Alfred Blair Helman, college president, b. dec. 25, 1920 Windber, PA son of Henry E. and Luie (Pritt) Helman; m. Patricia Ann Kennedy June 22, 1947; children- Harriet Ann Helman Hill, Patricia Dawn Helman Magaro. note: Helman Hall at Manchester College, Manchester, IN is named after him. Vol. 43 1984-1985

Allen David Hellman, educator, b. Nov. 29, 1921 Dollar Bay, MI son of John Severine and Mathilda (Jarvi) Hellman; m. June Iris Dement June 19, 1948; children: Donald Alan, Susan Elizabeth and John Stephen; home: PO Box 663, San Marcos, TX; Vol. 39 1976-1977

Claude Bernard Hellmann, utilities executive, realtor, b. Nov. 2, 1890 St. Dennis, MD son of John Joseph and Marie Regina (Rex) Hellmann; m. Freda Denhard, June 12, 1912 (d. Nov. 23, 1931); m2. Alvina Haggerty, Mar. 3, 1932; home: Darnell Rd., Ruxton 4, MD; office: Lexington Bldg., Baltimore; Vol 27 1952-1953

Donald Charles Hellmann, political science educator, b. June 24, 1933 Rochester, NY son of Charles F and Agnes A (Genrich) Hellmann; m. Margery Holburne Saunders July 6, 1960; children: Jane A., Thomas M. and John C.; home: 4154 42d Ave. NE Seattle, WA; office: School Internat Studies U Washington Seattle WA; Vol. 43 1984-1985

Frederick Jacobi Hellman, banker, b. Oct 15, 1901 San Francisco, Calif. son of I. W. and Francis (Jacobi) Hellman; m. Rosalie Greene Oct. 24, 1925; children: Louise and Margery; home: 2770 Broadway; office: 4 Montgomery St. San Francisco; Vol. 29 1956-1957; note: Brother of Isaias Warren Hellman.

Frederick Warren Hellman, investment company, b. July 25, 1934 New York City, son of Marco F and Ruth (Kosh) Hellman; m. Patricia Christina Sander Oct. 5, 1955; children-Francis, Patricia H., Marco Warren, Judith; home: 3415 Pacific Ave. San Francisco, Calif.; office: Hellman Ferri & Co., One Federal St. Boston, MA. Vol. 43 1984-1985

George Sidney Hellman, author, b. November 14, 1878 in New York City, son of Theodore and Francis (Seligman) Hellman; m. Hilda Emily Josephthal of NY on June 2, 1903. children- Geoffery Theodore, Rhoda ; m2 Irene Shuman Schafer Aug 15, 1939. home 329 West 71st Street, New York, N. Y. note: I forgot to write volume number down for this one.

Geoffery Theodore Hellman, writer, b. Feb. 13, 1907, son of George S. and Hilda Emily (Josephthal) Hellman; m. Daphne van Beuren Bayne Aug 12, 1941; child: Daisy Bayne; m2. Katherine Henry Aug 18, 1960; child: Katherine; office: Care of The New Yorker, 25 W 43rd St. New York City, NY. Vol. 39 1976-1977

Gerald Bernard Helman, government official, b. Nov 4 1932 Detroit, MI son of Leo and Ann (Glassman) Helman; m. Delores Hammel May 1953; children- Ruth Leea, Deborah Gayle, David Robert. home: 2900 Maplewood Pl., Alexandria, VA; office: Dept. State Washington DC; Vol. 43 1984-1985

Harold Hellman, retail food products mfr.; b. May 30, 1908 Chicago, son of William and Tillie (Rosenthal) Hellman; m. Lotte Salomon Feb 26, 1942; children: Mary and Robert;

Henry Martin Hellman, educator, b. July 4, 1920 Norrfors, Sweden son of Karl Johan and Mathilda (Karlsson) Hellman; m. Isabel Julia Paul, Dec. 21, 1951; home: 200 Cabrini Blvd. New York, NY; office: Dept. Chemistry NY U Washington Sq. New York NY; Vol. 43 1984-1985

Hugo Edward Hellman, educator, parliamentarian, b. Aug. 18, 1908 son of August and Anna (Fette) Hellman; m. Margaret Shuengel July 18, 1934; children: John and Robert; home: 200 Cabrina St. New York City, NY; Vol 39 1974-1975

Isaias Warren Hellman, banker, b. Sept. 10, 1899 San Francisco, CA son of I. W. Jr. and Francis (Jacobi) Hellman; m. Katherine Payne, Sept. 16, 1935 (div. 1941); child: Katherine; home: 2875 Pacific Ave., San Francisco; office: 14 Montgomery St. San Francisco; Vol. 27 1952-1953

Isaias William Hellman, banker, b. Oct 3, 1842 Bavaria, Germany; came to the US in 1859; m. Esther Newgass, of New York on April 14, 1870. He began in banking at Los Angeles in 1868, at San Francisco, 1890. home: 2020 Jackson St. office 2 Montgomery St., San Francisco, California. Vol. 7 1912-1913

Isaias William Hellman Jr., banker, b. Mar. 30, 1871 Los Angeles, Calif son of Isaias William and Esther (Newgass) Hellman; m. Francis Jacobi, of New York, Sept. 7, 1898; home: 2906 Broadway, San Francisco and Oakvale Park, San Leandro, Calif; office: Union Trust Co., San Francisco.

Joseph Arthur Helman, art dealer, b. Mar 19, 1937 St. Louis, MO, son of David Wroy and Pauline Jean (Manlin) Helman; m. Barbara Lee Kaufman Apr. 2, 1960(div.); children- Robin, Elizabeth, Jody; m2 Ursula Fey Dec. 22, 1981. office: Blum Helman Gallery 20 W. 57th St. New York, NY. Vol. 43 1984-1985

Joseph S. Hellman, lawyer, b. Sept 12, 1930 New York City, son of Irving and Anna (Handelman) Hellman; m. Roberta Langbaum, July 4, 1954; child: James S.; office: 1345 Ave. of Americas, New York NY; Vol. 43 1984-1985

Leon Hellman, physician, b. May 23, 1921 son of Isaac and Cecile (Rosen) Hellman; children: Robert and Lara; office: Albert Einstein College of Medicine, 1300 Morris Park Ave., Bronx, NY; Vol. 43 1984-1985

Lillian Hellman, playwright b. June 20, 1907 New Orleans, LA daughter of Max B. and Julia (Newhouse) Hellman; m. Arthur Kober (divorced); home: 630 Park Ave. New York, New York. Vol. 41 1980-1981

Louis M. Hellman, government official, b. Mar. 22, 1908 St. Louis MO son of Max and Helen (Schwab) Hellman; m. Ernestine Crummel Jan. 26, 1934; children: Michael Moore and Ann Harper; home: 2475 Virginia Ave. NW Washington DC; Vol. 43 1984-1985

Marco H. Hellman, banker, b. Sept. 4, 1878 Los Angeles, Calif. son of Herman W. and Ida (Heimann) Hellman; m. Reta Davis, of Visalia, Calif. 1908. President of Hellman Commercial Trust & Savings Bank 1918. home: 3552 Lowery Road; office: 218 Herman W. Hellman Bldg. Los Angeles, Calif. notes: Bank later merged into Bank of America of Calif. and also I forgot to write volume number down for this one.

Maurice S. Hellman, banker, b. Sept 3, 1864 Los Angeles, Calif son of Samuel and Adelaide (Alder) Hellman; m. Alice Schwarzschild 1889; home: 3278 Wilshire Blvd.; office: Security-First National Bank, Los Angeles, Calif.; note: I forgot to write volume number down for this one.

Milo Hellman, orthodontist, b. Mar. 26, 1872 Jassy, Romania son of Wolf and Fanny (Hellman) Hellman. Came to the US 1888, naturalized, 1893. m. Helen Michelson Nov. 30, 1905; children- Doris, Edith, Marion. home: 49 Merral Rd., Far Rockway, NY, office: 57 W. 57th St. New York, NY. note: I forgot to write volume number down for this one.

Morton J. Hellman, mathematician, educator, b. Jan 28, 1918 New York City, son of Jacob and Bess (Frank) Hellman; m. Maria Dorothea Kaufman, Dec 31, 1942; children: Paul Victor, Charles David and George Edward; home: 610 E. 20th St. New York, NY; office: Dept. of Math, Long Island U, Brooklyn NY; Vol. 41 1980-1981.

Robert Alan Helman, lawyer, b. Jan. 27, 1934 Chicago son of Nathan W. and Esther (Weiss) Helman; m. Janet R. Williams Sept. 13, 1958; children-Marcus E., Adam J., Sarah E. home: 4940 S. Kimbark Ave., Chicago IL; office: 231 S. LaSalle St. Chicago IL. Vol. 43 1984-1985

Sam Hellman, writer, b. July 4, 1885 San Francisco, Calif. son of Benjamin and Leah (Stelmach) Hellman; m. Selma Schwartz, of St. Louis MO June 22, 1913; children- Emmy lou, Verna Ruth; address: 611 N. Beverly Drive, Beverly Hills, Calif. note: I forgot to write volume number down for this one.

Samuel Hellman, physician, educator, b. July 23, 1934 New York City, son of Henry Sidney and Anna (Egar) Hellman; m. Marcia Sherman, June 30, 1957; children: Jeffery Richard and Deborah Susan; home: 40 E 61st St. New York, NY; office: 1275 York Ave., New York, NY; Vol. 43 1984-1985

William Hellman,, b. 14 Aug 1920 Chicago, son of Nathan and Florence (Cohen) Hellman; m. Leanora Peltz, Nov. 14 1948; children: Jeffery N., Barbara N., David R and Laura; office: Phillips-Van Heusen Corp., 1290 Av of America's New York City, NY; Vol. 39 1976-1977

Yehuda Hellman, organization administrator, b. Feb.10, 1920 Riga, Lativa son of Jacob and Sulamith Hellman. Came to America 1946; naturalized 1951; m. Aviva Weinberg Sept. 26, 1948; children: Dorlee and Jonathan; office: Conf. of Presidents Maj Am Jewish Orgns 515 Park Ave., New York, NY; Vol. 43 1984-1985

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