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Land Office Patents and Grants

    These images are Group 4 Compression TIFF files.   They can be opened using various programs, including the Windows Imaging program that is included with Win95/98 (it can usually be found in the Accessories folder in your Start menu). Or you can use IrfanView, a freeware program.  Most browser programs allow you to save these files to your hard drive by right-clicking on the link and using the "Save Link As" command.

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0000_0062thumb.gif (611 bytes)
Armistead Burwell
Pg. 27      Pg. 28

0000_0063thumb.gif (509 bytes)
Francis Burwell
Wrong Link

0000_0064thumb.gif (515 bytes)
John S. Burwell
Pg. 594

0000_0065thumb.gif (559 bytes)
Lewis Burwell
Pg. 181

0000_0066thumb.gif (579 bytes)
Lewis Burwell
Pg. 286

0000_0067thumb.gif (597 bytes)
Lewis Burwell
Pg. 287

0000_0068thumb.gif (489 bytes)
Lewis Burwell
Wrong Link

0000_0069thumb.gif (604 bytes)
Lewis Burwell
Pg. 270      Pg. 271

0000_0070thumb.gif (605 bytes)
Lewis Burwell
Pg. 76      Pg. 77

0000_0071thumb.gif (541 bytes)
Lewis Burwell
Pg. 703      Pg. 704
Pg. 705

0000_0072thumb.gif (523 bytes)
Lewis Burwell
Pg. 313      Pg. 314

0000_0073thumb.gif (532 bytes)
Lewis Burwell
Pg. 336/337

0000_0074thumb.gif (565 bytes)
Lewis Burwell
Pg. 250      Pg. 251

0000_0075thumb.gif (534 bytes)
Lewis Burwell & Thomas Vause
Pg. 119      Pg. 120

0000_0076thumb.gif (538 bytes)
Major Lewis Burwell
Pg. 64      Pg. 65

0000_0077thumb.gif (508 bytes)
Major Lewis Burwell
Pg. 216      Pg. 217

0000_0078thumb.gif (478 bytes)
Major Lewis Burwell
Pg. 37      Pg. 38

0000_0079thumb.gif (584 bytes)
Major Lewis Burwell & Lucy, his wife
Pg. 132      Pg. 133

0000_0080thumb.gif (417 bytes)
Sergeant Major Lewis Burwell
Pg. 384      Pg. 385

0000_0081thumb.gif (522 bytes)
Nathaniel Burwell
Pg. 446

0000_0082thumb.gif (441 bytes)
Thomas N. Burwell
Wrong Link

0000_0083thumb.gif (467 bytes)
William A. Burwell
Pg. 107      Pg. 108

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