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Chapter I

HOBART'S HILL is the name applied to the northeasterly part of the hill immediately east of the village Main street; its name being derived from George W. L. Hobart, a descendant of David Hobart, Sr., who settled in Brookline in 1818, coming here from Pepperell, Mass.

ROCKY POND BROOK rises in Rocky Pond in Hollis. Its general course is southerly, and its length is about two miles. For the first mile after leaving the pond the stream flows through Hollis territory; it then crosses the line between Hollis and Brookline and finishes its course in the territory of the latter town, of which it crosses the southeast corner, and where it flows into the Nissitisset river about two miles below its outlet from Muscatanipus pond.

This brook at different times within the past ninety years has been known as the Hobart brook and the Hardy brook; the former name being derived from David Hobart, Sr., who settled on its banks in Brookline about 1818, coming here from Pepperell, Mass., and the latter from Ephraim L. Hardy, a settler in this town from Hollis in about 1840.

On the majority of both the state and county maps which have been published within the last seventy-five years this brook has been represented as lying wholly within the town of Hollis. But such representations are erroneous; the lower part of its course being in Brookline, as stated above.

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