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Chapter XI

A Partial List of the Names of the Town's Native Born Teachers, 1850-1910.

Frances D. Parker, Martha Bailey, Amanda Sawtelle, Caroline Shattuck, N. Herman Shattuck, Edward E. Parker, Ellen C. Sawtelle, Theresa Seaver, Celia A. Hobart, Myrtie L. Shattuck, Josie Seaver, Carrie Russell, Lizzie H. Hutchingson, Loella V. Shattuck, Jennie M. Russell, Bertha A. Swett, Florence N. Hobart, Mrs. Emma Kline, Minnie A. Colburn, Cora F. Cleveland, Fannie M. Cox, Mabel L. Edson, Mabel S. Tucker, Bertha E. Bohonon, Edith M. Bohonon, Jennie A. Shattuck, Mary L. Brown, Mabel L. Hodgman, Mae E. Kline, Frank W. Kendall, Bertha Kline, Grace Whitcomb, Marion Stiles, Helen Hobart, Juliette H. Gilson.

Of those whose names appear on the above list, four at least adopted teaching as an avocation and made it their life work. The names of the four are as follows: Ellen C. Sawtelle, Juliette H. Gilson, Louisa O. Shattuck, and Frances D. Parker.

College Graduates from Brookline with Short Biographical Sketches of Their Lives.

HAROLD SAWTELLE HOBART, a son of Willie and Harriet (Rideout) Hobart, was born in Brookline, Sept. 29, 1884. He prepared for college in the public schools of his native town and the Nashua High School, and graduated from Dartmouth College in 1908. Soon after leaving college, he entered the employment of the Proctor Marble Company, of Proctor, Vt., where he is located at the present time.

Biographical Sketches of College Graduates Born in Brookline,
but Graduated from Other Towns.

REV. CLIFTON FLETCHER, Baptist,(*) son of Jesse and Patience (Hobart) Fletcher, was born in Brookline, March 5, 1823. Student, Wesleyan University, 1864-68. Ordained, North Tewksbury, Mass., June 4, 1856. Pastor there, 1856-69; Billerica, Mass., 1869-76; Canton, Mass., July 1, 1875-77. Without charge, Melrose, Mass., Nov. 1, 1876-92, meanwhile serving as acting pastor, Brookline, Mass., 1878-84. Member of the School Board, Melrose, 1878-86, and chairman, 1880-86. Was also an active member of the Y. M. C. A. Died at Melrose, Mass., Aug. 19, 1902.

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