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Chapter XVIII

The whole number of men furnished by Brookline in the war was one hundred and four (104). Of this number, seventy were either residents in town, or natives residing in other towns at the time of their enlistments, and thirty-four were substitutes furnished by the town and its citizens individually.

The following list compiled by the Rev. T. P. Sawin gives the names of those who furnished Substitutes, and also the names of the substitutes furnished by each.


showing a list of substitutes employed by Brookline to put down the   Rebellion of 1861. Also the time of enlistment of each.

Names of Principals.  

Names of Substitutes.  

Time of Enlistment.  


Cleveland, Eli  

Felix Montacine  

Aug. 16, 1864  

Coggin, Charles H.  

William Longfield  

Sept. 1, 1863  

Died of wounds received May 14, 64

Colburn, Frank P.  

John McCabb  

Sept. 1, 1863  

Colburn, Newton W.  

William Rowman  

Aug. 18, 1864  

Daniels, Onslow  

James Elwin  

June 9, 1864  

Mis'g at Pop. Gr. Ch Va., Sept. 20, '64.

French, John E.  

James Dorr  

Sept. 1, 1863  

Mis'g at Olustee, Fla., Feb. 20, '64.

Gilson, Henry S.  

Louis Duble  

Oct. 11, 1864  

Deserted Oct. 17, '64

Hall, Edward T.  

George Jackman  

Aug. 16, 1864  

Hall, Joseph A.  

Henry Robson  

Aug. 15, 1864  

Hall, James Henry  

Louis Wilson  

Aug. 20, 1864  

Hobart, Joshua J.  

William K. King  

Aug. 20, 1864  

Lawrence, Silas  

Daniel Glaughlin  

Oct. 10, 1863  

Lawrence, Simon  

George Boyemat  

Oct. 10, 1863  

McDonald, Luther  

Daniel W. Smith  

Parker, James Clinton  

John Kelly  

Aug. 20, 1864  

Peabody, John  

George Thomson  

Aug. 19, 1864  

Deserted Oct. 12, '64

Rockwood, William Brooks  

Dennis Burke  

Dec. 16, 1864

Russell, Rufus G.  

Robert McDonald  

June 20, 1864  

Deserted en route to regiment.

Smith, William J.  

John Mcguire  

Aug. 17, 1864

An Unique War Document.

In the fall of 1864 the President issued a call for more troops. At that time the conditions in this town were such that in order to enable it to furnish its quota of men required under the call, it became necessary to resort to the hiring of substitutes; the cost of which was extremely high, the prices ranging from five hundred to one thousand, and often more, dollars for each man hired. These prices, the board of selectmen, to which the town had already delegated the authority to act in such emergencies, hesitated to pay, fearing that by so doing it might exceed the limits of its authority. But the demand for men was urgent and the time for action limited. To avoid the calling of a town meeting, and at the same time to protect the board, individually and collectively, from any liability to which, by reason of its acts in the emergency, it might be subjected in the future, certain patriotic citizens caused to be drawn up, executed and delivered to the board a bond of indemnity. The signers of the bond were all citizens of, and taxpayers in, the town. To the signature of each was affixed his individual seal; and the borders of the instrument bore the United States revenue stamps then necessary to the legality of such documents. Following is a copy of the bond:

"Know all men by these presents that we subscribers citizens of Brookline in the County of Hillsborough and State of New Hampshire, are held and firmly bound to the Selectmen of said Brookline in the sum of Five Thousand Dollars, to be paid to said selectmen, to the payment whereof we respectively bind ourselves and our heirs firmly by these presents, sealed with our seals, and dated the 24th day of August, 1864.

The condition of this obligation is that if we the said Subscribers shall indemnify said selectmen against all cost and damages to which they may be subjected by reason of their paying more than Three Hundred Dollars respectively out of the town's funds for the purchase or hire of substitutes to fill the quota of said town of Brookline under the call of the General Government issued in the month of July, 1864--Then this obligation shall be void.

Subscribers' Names.

Alpheus Shattuck,
Andrew Rockwood,
Abel Foster,
S. S. Kendall,
Benj. Shattuck,
Joshua J. Hobart,
David Hobart,
Nathan Farrar,
Benjamin Gould,
N. B. Hutchinson,
Abel Shattuck,
Ira Daniels,
Leroy A. Wallace,
Geo. J. Shattuck,
George V. Hodgman,
Joseph Sawtelle,
Franklin Rockwood,
Brooks Rockwood,
Frederick Wright,
Andrew J. Shattuck,
Eli Brooks,
Nathaniel Hobart,
Saml. D. Gilson,
Silas Lawrence.

We subscribe to and are holden and firmly bound by the within bond--

George H. Jefts,
Nathaniel Vickery,
James M. Stickney,
John Sanders,
J. H. Bennett,
T. J. Stickney,
W. G. Shattuck,
J. B. Swett,
G. W. L. Hobart,
James H. Hall,
Wm. Wright,
Luther McDonald,
John A. Kendall,
Clinton Bohanon,
Joseph Baxter,
Eli S. Cleveland,
George Hall,
Abel R. Ball,
Frank D. Colburn,
Samuel Talbott,
A. S. Betterly,
Joseph Hall,
C. F. Shattuck,
Albert Foster,
David P. Stowell,
Jerry Harward, Jr.,
George W. Peabody,
Edward T. Hall,
Henry F. Carlton,
Amos Farnsworth,
Francis A. Law,
William M. Foster,
E. F. Lancey,
John Hemphill,
Amos A. Gould,
Randall Daniels,
Thomas V. Wright,
J. W. Fessenden,
D. D. Rockwood,
Stephen S. Mixer,
Fernando Bailey,
Henry B. Fish,
B. G. Cochran,
Albert W. Corey,
Job Shattuck,
Lot Colburn,
Asher Bennett,
James Henry Hall,
William J. Smith,
John Peabody,
John Hall,
Henry Swett,
Newton W. Colburn,
Charles L. Willoby,
Erastus D. Towne,
Elhanen W. Russell,
Wm. Gilson,
W. J. French."

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