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Chapter XVI



In the month of January, 1778, ten men were wanted to fill the Hollis Continental quota to supply the places of the men who had enlisted for eight months only. On the 19th of that month, as we have seen, a special town meeting was promptly called to supply this deficiency, and the Selectmen, Committee of Safety with the militia officers, were instructed to engage the men and to pledge the security of the town for their services. It is shown by the returns of Col. Nichols, (now at Concord) that these ten recruits were very soon engaged and that most of them were mustered into the company of Capt. John House, in the 1st New Hampshire Continental regiment. It appears from the "Great Return" of the Selectmen of Hollis, that nine of them were paid from œ40 6s. 8d. to œ50 each. Their names were

John Auld,   John Conroy, Jun.,   Jacob Danforth,
Reuben Blood,   Stephen Conroy,   Nathaniel Patten,
Simeon Blood,   William Cowen,   Joel Proctor.
Samuel Boyd,

It is stated in the return of Col. Nichols that Auld and Cowen belonged to Merrimack, and Boyd to Goffstown, but that they were all enlisted for and paid by Hollis. It appears from the rolls at Concord, that John Conroy, Jun., died in hospital at Danbury, Conn., in September of this year. He was the oldest son of John Conroy, Sen., and born in Hollis, December 28, 1761. Daniel Blood, another Hollis soldier, who enlisted for three years, in the spring of 1777, died in the army of "wounds or disease," November 28, 1778, making a loss by death this year of four of the Hollis Continental quota.(*)

Men in Col. Peabody's Regiment. About the middle of June of this year, a brigade of New Hampshire troops was raised for service in Rhode Island, commanded by Brig. Gen. Whipple. One of the regiments of this brigade was commanded by Col. Stephen Peabody, of Amherst. In the Second company of this regiment, of which Ezekiel Worthen of Kensington, was Captain, were three Hollis soldiers, viz., Jonathan Jewett, Oliver Lawrence

(*)Kidder's History of First N. H. Regiment, p. 134.

and Enoch Spalding. The regiment was discharged June 3, 1779, having been in the service six months and twenty-five days. The wages of the men were œ4 10s. per month, and they were allowed for travel in going to Rhode Island 3d. per mile, and 8d. per mile on their return home. The town paid the three Hollis men a bounty of œ6 each.

Hollis Volunteers to Rhode Island in August, 1778. The brigade of Gen. Whipple was raised in the summer of 1778 to reinforce the Continental army in Rhode Island in a proposed attack upon the British troops then in possession of the island of Rhode Island. In this attack it was expected that a powerful French fleet, then on the coast, under the command of Admiral Count D'Estaing, would co-operate with the army. But the fleet having been disabled and dispersed by a violent storm just before the time fixed for the intended attack, the expedition failed.

About the 6th of August of this year, a company of volunteers to aid in this expedition was raised in Hollis. The company, including its officers, consisted of forty-three men. It was commanded by Capt. Daniel Emerson, and was the 1st company of a regiment commanded by Col. Moses Nichols of Amherst. The men were in the service from the 6th to the 28th of August, and were then discharged, in consequence of the misfortune to the French fleet. The wages of the private soldiers in this expedition were at the rate of œ5 per month, and 8d. per miles for travel, one hundred miles each way, in going and returning. They were also paid by the town œ1 3s. each. It is to be inferred also that the men were all mounted and furnished their own horses, as it is shown by the return of
Col. Nichols that the company had forty-three horses, for which they were allowed œ10 each, making œ430. The roll below presents a list of this company with its officers, all from Hollis.

Daniel Emerson, Capt.,   Nathaniel Blood, Jun.,   Jacob Jewett, 3d.,
Caleb Farley, Lieut.,   Timothy Blood,   Daniel Kendrick,
William Brooks, Ensign,   Thomas Carter,   Asa Lawrence,
Daniel Bailey, Sergeant,   Benjamin Colburn,   Daniel Merrill, Jun.,
Josiah Conant, "   Reuben Dow,   Samuel Merrill,
Stephen Runnells, "   Josiah Fisk,   Elijah Noyes,
Abel Conant, Corporal,   Jonas Flagg,   Jonathan Parker,
Elias Boynton, "   Jonathan French,   William W. Pool,
Evan Dow, "   Stephen Goodhue,   Ephraim Rolfe,
Andrew Bailey, Fifer.   David Hale,   Jacob Spalding,
PRIVATES.   John Hale, Jun.,   Joseph Wheat,
Benjamin Abbot,   Noah Hardy,   Jonas Woods,
David Ames,   Joshua Hobart,   Noah Worcester, Sen.,
John Atwell,   Solomon Hobart,   Jesse Worcester.
Nathaniel Blood,   John How,  

It may be seen from the foregoing data, that including the town's quota of thirty Continental soldiers, Hollis in 1778 had seventy-six men in the service, for the whole or a part of that year.


Special Town Meeting, March 31, 1779. "Chose Noah Worcester, Esq., Capt. Reuben Dow, and Capt. Daniel Emerson, to take the method they shall think best and proper to get our Quota of Continental men."

Special Town Meeting, July 5, 1779. "Voted that the Committee chosen at the last meeting be joined with the Selectmen, and Militia officers to assist in getting our Continental Men, either by draft or otherwise as they shall think best for the town."

Special Town Meeting, July 19, 1779. "Voted 1st, to raise the men called for to fill up the New Hampshire Battalions, being our proportion of the Continental Army, as a town for one year, and chose Ensign Jeremiah Ames, Dr. Jonathan Fox, and Jacob Jewett, Jun., a Committee to hire for one year our nine Continental Men."

"2d. Voted that said Committee be empowered to give the Town's Security to each of said nine men for any sum of money that they may agree with them for, and the Town to be responsible to said Committee for said Sums, and the Committee's trouble in raising said men, and that the Selectmen be empowered to assess the Polls and Estates of this town the sum of money that it shall cost to raise said men."

On the 2d of August, about two weeks after this last meeting, this committee made their report in writing to the town showing that they had engaged eight of the nine men wanted, with their names and the bounties agreed to be paid to each of them for the year's service.

A copy of this report is presented below as follows:

"The Inhabitants of the Town of Holles to Jeremiah Ames, Jonathan Fox and Jacob Jewett, Jun., a Committee chosen by said Town to agree with and hire nine men to go into the Continental Army for one year for said town. Dr. 

"Aug. 2, 1779. To cash and our security given to Eight men as a Bounty from said Town to go into said service.

To Caleb Stiles,   Cash, œ300   10 Bushels of Rye.   10 Do. of Ind. Corn.
" Caleb Stiles, Jun.,   " œ300   10 Bushels of Rye.   10 Do. of Ind. Corn.
" Ephraim Pearce,   " œ300   10 Bushels of Rye.   10 Do. of Ind. Corn.
" Francis G. Powers,   " œ300   10 Bushels of Rye.   10 Do. of Ind. Corn.
" Jerathmael Bowers,   " œ300   10 Bushels of Rye.   10 Do. of Ind. Corn.
" Jacob Hobart,   " œ300   10 Bushels of Rye.   10 Do. of Ind. Corn.
" Joseph Stearns,   " œ177   17 Bushels of Rye.   20 Do. of Ind. Corn.
" Simeon Foster,   " œ210   10 Bushels of Rye.   10 Do. of Ind. Corn.
Lawful Money,   œ2,187.   87 Bushels of Rye.   90 Bushs. Ind. Corn.


"Holles, Aug. 3, 1779."

The "Return" of Col. Nichols for the regiment shows that the ninth man enlisted for the town under this call was Joseph Wheat, but it does not appear what bounty was paid him.


In the spring or summer of this year a regiment of New Hampshire troops was raised for service in Rhode Island, commanded by Col. Hercules Mooney, of Lee. In this regiment were six Hollis men, viz., Daniel Emerson, Jun., who was captain of the 5th company, Dr. Peter Emerson, a brother of Captain Emerson, (the surgeon of the regiment,) Daniel Bailey, Daniel Kendrick, John Hobart, and Samuel Emerson, another brother of Capt. Emerson, then in his fifteenth year, afterwards a graduate of Harvard college, and an eminent physician. The men were discharged on the first of January, 1780, having been in the service near six months. The wages of the private soldiers were œ12 per month. Bounty paid by the town, œ9. All owed fortravel to Providence 2s. per mile--from Providence, home, 3s. per mile.

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