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Chapter XXXII


1762 Jan. 27,   James Hobart and Hannah Cumings, both of Hollis.
1764, Jan. 20,   Nathaniel Blood and Esther Hobart, both of Hollis
1774 Feb. 24,   John Kneeland of Boston and Ann Hobart of Hollis.
1776 Sept. 10,   Josiah Hobart of Groton and Lucy Kendall of Hollis.
1776 Nov. 3,   Samuel Abbot and Susannah Hobart, both of Hollis.
1777 Nov. 18,   Nehemiah Pierce and Mary Hobart, both of Hollis.
1777 Dec. 18,   Jonathan Hobart and Alice Wright, both of Hollis.
1781 Apr. 26,   Jonas Woods and Lydia Hobart, both of Hollis.
1782 Jan. 17,   Jonathan Hobart and Elizabeth Lakin, both of Hollis.
1782 May 16,   Solomon Hobart and Abigail Brooks,
1788 Feb. 7,   Reuben Hobart of Cockermouth and Isabel Colburn of Hollis.
1790 July 28,   Shubael Hobart of Hollis and Wid. Prudence Parker of Groton.
1801 May 31,   James Jewell of Dunstable and Sally Hobart of Hollis.
1803 Aug. 15,   Jonathan Parker of Lexington and Anna Hobart of Hollis.
1805 Sept. 16,   Nicholas Youngman and Wid. Lydia Hobart, both of Hollis.
1809 Jan. 18,   Solomon Hobart of Hebron and Hannah Farley of Hollis.
1813 Mar. 11,   Ebenezer Butterfield of Dunstable and Lucy Hobart of Hollis.
1814 Nov. 28,   Levi Kemp and Lydia Hobart, both of Hollis.
1816 Sept. 7,   Thomas Davis and Deborah Hobart, both of Hollis.
1817 Mar. 13,   John Armstrong and Rebecca Hobart, both of Hollis.
1823 May 22,   Stephen Lovejoy, Jun., and Lucy Hobart, both of Hollis.
1832 Apr. 5,   Nathaniel Hobart and Hannah Colburn, both of Hollis.
1876 Aug. 25,   Thomas T. Hobart of Hollis and Fannie Woods of Nashua.

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