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Wish List

The following resources have expired copyrights, and I would greatly love to put them up on the website.  I would appreciate anyone having access to these contacting me to make arrangements for including them in this website.

HOBART Family of Hingham, Mass., by E. Thayer. 9p. 1835.

HOBART History & genealogy, 1632 to 1912, a resume portraying the meanderings of the Hobarts emanatine from Edmund Hobart, who... settled in Bear Cove (Hingham), Mass., in 1632... through Amos Hobart, by Edwin D. Hobart. 105p. 1912.

HOBART. Wm. Hobart, his ancestors & descendants, by L. Hobart. 193p. 1886.

HOBART, William, His Ancestors and Desc, By L. S. Hobart, 181pp., 1886.

Also, if anyone has the New England Historical and Genealogical Register Vol. CXXI April 1967, Whole Number 482, it contains the missing years from Peter Hobart's Journal.

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