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Letter to Capt. Wm. Fox

A letter written by Judge Edmond Pendleton for his client John Benger, the son of Dorothea (Col. Byrd's Miss Thecky) Brayne, sister of Lady Spotswood. The letter is dated Virginia, Sept. 8th, 1762, and is addressed to Capt. Wm. Fox, and is signed by John Benger and Edmond Pendleton, and in it is the following paragraph:--":

Richard Brayne and his wife are dead, and Mrs. Brayne's issue was four daughters, Anne, Diana, Dorothy,and Butler. Dorothy intermarried with Elliot Benger, gentleman,
and, with her husband, is since dead, and I am her son and heir. Butler intermarried with Major-General Alexander Spotswood, and afterwards married John Thompson (Clerk). She is dead, and Alexander Spotswood, infant, is her grandson and heir, and is now in England. Anne and Diana remained in England and never married."

Green, Realeigh Travers, Genealogical and Historical Notes on Culpeper County, VA, (Southern Book Company, Baltimore. 1958), 1-2.

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