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The following is an extract taken from a letter written to me (Inez R. McCullough) by Aunt Anne M.D. Wingfield, of Petersburg, Va., Feb. 19, 1913). In writing of the family record papers, she says:

"They are contained in a book which comprises not only the actual family record, but diaries, copies of letters, etc., which are of intense interest to me. I made a study of the subject and, by delving into various reference books, and even getting some items from parish records in England, my patient, persevering work was rewarded by a satisfactory history of my family on my mother's side. It is too long for me to undertake to write, but when my lame hands will permit I shall take pleasure in making a record for you, beginning with Gov. Spotswood and the first Lewis Burwell, - which will insure your becoming a Dame if you wish to do so.

My father's family were Hugenots, and name originally "Regner," but after coming to this country, people spelled it by sound: Raney, Raeny, Rany, Reaney, and finally settled upon Rainey. I have often wondered if your grandmother's (Virginia Regnier) French ancestors and mine came from the same stock originally."

I have transcribed all of these pages exactly as written, with no corrections to errors or spelling. EAJ

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