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JOHN SPOTSWOOD: Son of Alexander Spotswood, and his wife, Mary Dandridge, had four children as follows: Alexander, John, Anne and Mary.

Alexander Spotswood: Was a General in the American Army of the Revolution. He married Elizabeth, daughter of William Augustine Washington, who was a brother of General George Washington.

John Spotswood: Was a Captain in the Revolution and was wounded at the Battle of Brandywine. He married Sallie Rowsie.

Anne Spotswood: Married Mar. 24, 1788 to Lewis Burwell (who was born Sept. 28, 1745, in Williamsburg, Va.) of Stoneland, Mecklenberg County, Va. Lewis Burwell was a son of Armisted Burwell and Christian Blair, sister of the famous statesman and journalist. Anne died Feb. 14, 1789.

Mary Spotswood: Married to Peter Randolf, and died in ten months. All, but Mary, left children.

ANNE SPOTSWOOD: Daughter of John Spotswood and granddaughter of Alexander Spotswood. Married Lewis Burwell, and to this union were born twelve children as follows: Mary, Armisted, Anne, Elizabeth, John, Catherine, Lewis, Panthea, Blair, Spotswood, Matilda and Harriet.

MARY BURWELL: Married Col. Sam Goode.
ARMISTED BURWELL: Married Lucy Crawley.
ANNE BURWELL: Married John Ravenscroft, Bishop of North Carolina.
ELIZABETH BURWELL: Married Edward Tabb.
JOHN BURWELL: Married Edward Woods.
CATHERINE BURWELL: Married William Hamblin.
LEWIS BURWELL: Married Sally Green.
PANTHEA BURWELL: Married Richard Boyd.
BLAIR BURWELL: Married to Elizabeth Hatcher. His second wife was Delia Harris.
SPODSWOOD BURWELL: Married to Polly Marshall.
MATILDA BURWELL: Married Alexander Boyd, brother of Richard Boyd.
HARRIET BURWELL: Born Feb. 4, 1789, and died the same day.

LEWIS BURWELL: Married again Nov. 13, 1789, to Elizabeth Harrison, cousin to the hero of Tippecanoe. They had four children as follows; Henry, Peyton, Jane and Martha.

Henry Harrison Burwell: Married to Catherine Buford.
Peyton Randolph Burwell: Married to Jane Sewell.
Jane Blair Burwell: Married W. Eaton.
Martha Burwell: Married Grandison Field. Her second husband was John Field.

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