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MATILDA BURWELL: Daughter of Anne Spotswood and great-granddaughter of Alexander Spotswood, was married to Alexander Boyd. Their daughter, Anne Lewis Boyd, married Philip Rainey.

Philip Rainey was born Jan. 19, 1794 and died May 19, 1850, aged 56 years. He was the son of Frederick Rainey (Died Feb. 1803, aged 52 years) and Mary Anne Rainey (died Nov. 8, 1825 aged 70 years ).

ANNE LEWIS BOYD: Daughter of Matilda Burwell, and great-great-granddaughter of Alexander Spotswood. Married Philip Rainey. Their children were as follows Alexander, Mary, Philip, Elizabeth Burwell, Anne, and Elizabeth Ann.

Alexander Franklin Rainey: Born April 10, 1825 and died June 12, 1859. His wife, Virginia Regnier, was born June 10, l835 and died Dec. 17, 1866.

Mary Ann Rainey: Born Nov. 11, 1827. Married Wentworth Paul.

Philip Rainey: Born Oct. 7, 1829. Married Marcia Rourke.

Elizabeth Burwell Rainey: Born Aug. 7, 1831. Married John A. Brahm.

Anne Matilda Dandridge Rainey: Born May 1, 1840. Married Benjamin Garland. Second husband was Bishop Wingfield.

Elizabeth Ann Rainey: Born Mar. 5, 1846.

ALEXANDER FRANKLIN RAINEY: Son of Anne Lewis Boyd and great-great-great-grandson of Alexander Spotswood. Married to Virginia Regnier Nov. 9, 1852. They had three children as follows: Mary, Francis and Anne.

MARY PAUL RAINEY: Born Sept. 1, 1853.


ANNE SOPHIA RAINEY: Born Nov. 28, 1858.

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