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 Madame Marie (Mary) Josephine JUZAN HOLLINGER b. 1766; d. 27 March 1836

 My gggggrandmother was the daughter of Pierre Francois JUZAN and

 "Lafayette said Mobile had the fairest women he had seen in this
 attributed this to the fact that there were so many daughters of French
 exiles living in this part of America. (Madame Hollinger's sister
 Judge Theophelus Toulmin.)"

 According to my records Marie (Mary) Josephine had ONLY two brothers:
 Francois and Daniel.

 Amante (Elizabeth) JUZAN wife of Theophilus Linsey TOULMIN was the
 of Daniel JUZAN and Maria Louisa LAURENDINE. Marie Josephine would be
 Amante's aunt.

 Is this correct?

            "J.A.L.Miller, Jr." <>
       Wasn't Daniel Juzan also the forebear of the Juzang family of Mobile and
will left $1,000 to each of his Juzang children.  Jim, Charlotte, N.C.

> What are the names of the children? And was Amante in the will?
> Ann in Atlanta

            "J.A.L.Miller, Jr." <>

My Zeos crashed and I had to reboot, it's 1.5 hard drive full.  In two
I should have a 27.5 Gateway.  U.S. Senator, Col. George Washington Owen
(BGen Finlay's anc.), Mayor of Mobile, born Brunswick Co., Va. Oct 20,
Died Belmont Place Aug 18, 1837, wife Louisa S. Hollinger, born (?) Belmont
Place Aug 25, 1802, died    Mobile April 11, 1863

Catherine Parent's father, Claude Parent (one of first three founders of
modern Mobile) was from Canada.  Assn. des Familles Parent d'Amerique, 745
Avenue Chabanel, Chicoutimi, Qu, G7H 3S9, Canada.

The Juzans of Mexico and I spent the night at the home of Danielle Maryann
Juzan who writes a newspaper food column.  She is physician Dr. Robert
Perkins wife, Mobile.  Juzans and I visited Paris,  At Versailles church, I
lit a candle in memory of our Mme. Michelle de Liette Juzan.

The authority on the Toulmin family is Harry T. Toulmin, P.O.Box 787,
Daphne, Ala. 36526.  Have not heard from you since the last melinium.
to hear from you. Off to work now.  I joined the Canadian La Societe des
Filles du Roi on our ancestress Mme. Marguerite Roussell Burelle.  Also
joined the Canadian Assn. des Roussel d'Amerique.  Jim

In my information:  Daniel JUZAN was born in 1760 and died about 1825. He
the son of Pierre Francois JUZAN and Catherine PARANT.
Daniel had 3 spousal relationships:
1) He married Maria Louisa LAURENDINE 8 Feburary 1796.
2) He married Marguerite Isabella (Gatton) CHASTANG 20 May 1813.
3) Daniel also had a long term liaison with Justine LAURENT around 1814.

My point and question is: Amante (Elizabeth) JUZAN--the same lady buried in
the old Spring Hill Cemetery-- wife of TOULMIN--was daughter of Daniel and
niece of Margaret JUZAN HOLLINGER, not her sister.

All of this refers back to the mistaked in the History of the Church Street
Graveyard that states that Margaret and Amante were sisters.

Ann Taylor Boutwell


Thanks for information....

Ann in Atlanta

        Mon, 3 Jan 2000 17:21:27 EST

Looking for grave sites of Adam HOLLINGER, Sr. and Gilbert Christian
Does anyone know if Margaret RUSSELL is buried in Bay St. Louis? Is the old
grave site at Mount Vernon still there?

Ann Taylor Boutwell

Where is the HOLLINGER connection with Admiral Ralphael Semmes. I have a
of a letter that I received about 15 years ago from Allen Powell. Letter
written by James Fleetwood Foster.  The letter was written to Mrs. Raphael
Owen Semmes of Camden, Alabama.

Adam Hollinger, Sr and Josephine Juzan Hollinger were Mrs. Semmes great,
great grand parents. (according to the letter). Mrs. Semmes line was
the first child Alexander Hollinger. Her grandfather was Gilbert Russell
Hollinger whose parents were Alexander Hollinger and Sallie Carson (first

And while some of the information is incorrect it makes interesting family
connections. r

Anyone on the HOLINGER list with the Owen, Gaines, Semmes connection?

Taylor Boutwell

ANN - I just emailed you the CARTER GENEALOGY, but, I believe, some of our
HOLLINGER members need to send a Connection Chart on the 62. Hollinger
Brown, Ga.
31 Dec. 1785-Stewart Co., Ga. 22 Dec. 1859,Baldwin Co., Ga. 29 Dec. 1808 -
can See the Connection?
marie, iowa
======== wrote:

> Yes, I am interested in CARTER Chart. In fact I do tours to the Carter
> Presidential Center and this would be interesting to point out.  In fact
I am
> taking a group in for the Super Bowl over to the Carter Center today.
> Ann in Atlanta

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 Claire, is this Adam Hollinger, Sr in Mobile?  That's my line.

 Ann Rollings Taylor Boutwell

 Ann in Atlanta


Do you have any knowledge of a tie from your Adam to my Josephine Peppeo
Hollinger, born ?? 1820, in Baldwin County AL.  Possibly in Milton or
Pensacola FL, Josephine had children by a Mr. Tourat, then with Elisha
a second family including Clara born 1849.  Clara married Isaac Shields and
they had five sons.  All of the above are registered on the Miller Rolls.

Bob Shields